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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SIck Shopping...

I am so tired today.  Actually, I have been for a few days now.  I’m not exactly sure what’s up with me.  The best way I can describe it, is that I feel like the blood has been drained out of me.
Is it the methotrexate? The prednisone? The dermatomyositis? Am I just lazy? Am I depressed?

It could be the medications, it could be the dermatomyositis.
I am lazy sometimes, but not generally for a stretch of this many days.
I don’t think I’m depressed.  I remember thinking I was depressed after the split with my ex.  I went to a therapist who said “You’re not depressed, you just lived with an asshole for too many years.”  He really nailed it. 
I am still amazed at how my life has changed over the last three years.  It’s definitely been a journey.  The journey, however, has taken a detour over the course of the last 18 months or so with the dermatomyositis.  I get a little angry sometimes, I so don’t want to be the sick girl.  I wanna be Action Girl again…..
I have learned that it is important to listen to my body.  If I’m tired, I have to rest, or I’ll get sick.  And I can’t afford to be sicker than I already am.  I’m hopeful that one more night of lying low will have me back on my game.

Since I’ve been puny and lying around, I realized that I still had a little bonus money burning hole in my bank account.  So I climb out there on the interwebs…. Two things I have been looking for, a bottlecap man and a retro-looking dress. 

Found them both!!

Can't wait to get this little guy... any name suggestions?

THE dress.

I paid a little more than I had planned for my little man, but they are fairly rare, so I think he was worth it. 

The dress I got on sale!!  But I had to buy a pair of shoes to go with, so I really haven’t saved any money.  I seldom ever buy anything new, so this is a real treat for myself!

And DAMMIT, I deserve it!!

Hopefully charming and amusing TrippyBeth will return tomorrow!!!

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