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Monday, April 15, 2013

Bourbon and Porn

I can’t believe that it’s been over a month since I’ve posted here!
I had 2 people tell me over the weekend that they’ve missed me… it’s good to be missed.

Nothing too exciting has been going on… maybe one thing, which I’m keeping to myself for the time being.

I, of course, still get interesting messages on the dating site.  The most interesting, recent one said this:

“I really like your profile, and by the way, I make amateur porn.”

Folks, we have a winner!!!

Before I hit delete, you know me, I had to reply.  All that I said was this:

“So is everyone that owns an iPhone.”

Just ask Siri, she will tell you that good amateur porn is all about angles…

Recently I’ve been obsessed, only, with photography which you can see here.

And getting out and having a little bourbon now and then… G and I hit a “bourbon class” last weekend, which is basically a tasting, and you get to try things that you ordinarily, probably would never try.  What I did discover is that I am no fan of corn whiskey! It doesn’t compare to the nectar of the gods that is good bourbon!  Hopefully I can check out a beer tasting and more “bourbon classes” soon…

Maybe, my life will take and exciting turn and I will be back to tell my tales soon!!!