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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Impatient Dragonflies...


Well it’s Wednesday and I really have nothing interesting to say!

I did finish the first draft of the new writing project and sent it of to my editor friend for a critique… I mostly like it, which is unusual… that’s not to say that I’m not neurotic about it, I am.  I want him to read it RIGHT NOW, which I know is impractical.  I just hate waiting.

“Did you read it yet?”
“Hey, have you had a chance to read the piece?”
“Uuuummmm, I hate to be a pain… but… have you read it?”

I may have said this before, but I am perpetually like a kid on Christmas Eve.  It can be annoying, it annoys me sometimes.  But that’s me…


I’m starting to feel my tadiction raise its pretty little head.  I realized when I was sick with the flu, that I didn’t get tattooed in October! DAMMIT!!  It was the 30th when I came to that realization and I was too sick to pursue it.  Now November is half over! I can’t let it get away!

I want a sick dragonfly right under the blue poppy on my left arm.  I’m piecing together a half sleeve.

My friend D is encouraging me to give Acme Body Art a try, his pal Dusty is the proprietor (  Looks like he does some nice work. I may email him my idea… I don’t think I’ll be in Clifton any time soon to stop in personally.
I still want Steve at Dana’s ( to tattoo me as well…

So many artists, so many tattoos, so little time…

Here are some dragonfly images I like:

I need colors that will contrast with the blue of the poppy. I need to make this happen SOON!

I can’t park.  I can’t parallel park, I can’t pull up alongside a curb, I can’t pull into a parking space in a parking lot straight.
I don’t know why.  I feel like I’ve done a good job when I am parking, but when I get out of the car, I’m crooked as a dog’s hind leg.  If I’m reasonably within a space, I don’t even fuck with correcting it.  Life is too short.  But I have to admit that it is a problem.

Yesterday when I get home, I pull up alongside the curb in front of my building.  There is a man on that side of the street taking out his garbage. 
I say “HI!”… I’m not a heathen.
He says “Hi” and then says “Are you going to park that far from the curb?”
“Am I far away?” I reply.
“Yea pretty far” he says with a critical look on his face.
“I’m not good at parking or math, but that’s beside the point” I say.
“Yea, I can tell” he said.

Do I look like I’m bad at math?


Vigilarius said...

As I've said before, you have quite a nice assortment of tattoos. Très bien! :)

TrippyBeth said...

**blushing** Thank you Vigilarius!

Vigilarius said...

You're very welcome! ;)