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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fan Recognition

First, I’d like to give a shout out to my special fan… you know who you are!!

I had a nightmare realized last night at the Wal-Mart.

Let me preface this story by saying that I fucking hate Wal-Mart.  Despise it.  Why can’t there be a Target on my route home?  But there isn’t and I’m semi-lazy after work.

Last night I had to have cereal and some of that spray stuff to dissolve the frost off of my car windows.

My shopping trip began innocently enough; I got bananas, cereal, milk, OJ… then traversed the store to reach the automotive department to get the frost destroyer.

I was walking up and down the aisles intently studying the contents of the shelves, not knowing exactly where the frost busting agents were kept.  There were other people in the aisles (men) but I paid them no attention, I was on a mission.


“HEY! I know you!”

I take a few more steps, not thinking that the shout was directed at me.

“HEY! Stop! I know you!”

I pause and nervously turn around.

Rapidly approaching me is a man, with a big smile on his face, a man that I DO NOT recognize.  I have a poor memory, I’ve admitted this in past posts, but usually faces will trigger some sort of recognition in my brain.  His face did not.
He was an average looking dude, about 5’10” with dark hair, he wasn’t unattractive, but again, I DID NOT KNOW HIM.

“I don’t think that we know each other” I reply with a cocked eyebrow.
He laughed and said “Well we don’t actually KNOW each other, I just recognize you from your dating profile.”

I had to look like a deer in head lights, I could feel all of the blood drain from my face, and the store began to spin slightly.
This was, honestly, one thing I’ve feared for the last 3 years.  My fear was actually more about having someone that I know in my real life recognize me.  In this one horrific moment, I realized that this was much worse.

“Uuuummm ok” I replied as I began to push my cart down the aisle.

“It’s a great profile!”

“Thanks” I said, throwing my voice behind me.

“You’re welcome! Have a great night!” he said as he disappeared out of the aisle.

I wondered why this felt so bizarre… if someone had said that they saw me at… say Molly Malone’s, would I feel as weirded out by it?  Probably not, that was normal.

My paranoia briefly surfaced.  Maybe he was a serial killer that chose me off of the dating site… my eyes darted wildly about the store… was he watching me?

Oh for fuck’s sake, be realistic, no one wanted to murderlized me… some people just don’t have a concept of boundaries.  Life is really not that dramatic.

I do have to admit that I paid attention in the parking lot, as I wandered around looking for my car.  I didn’t want to be pulled into a molester van, that was for sure!  But, I finally found my car and made it home un-accosted.

Last night was AMERICAN HORROR STORY night!

There was quite a bit of story last night, fortunately they didn’t add any new twists, but uncovered two mysteries. 

*The serial killer was revealed, which I didn’t expect it to be who it was, kudos to the writers! 
*The Nazi question was answered.

In addition:
*There was a lobotomy.
*Sister Jude went off the reservation.
*Kit was arrested.
*The nympho frightened school children.
*The reporter was able to escape (but I’m sure she wishes she had stayed)

The hour that American Horror Story is on goes by SO QUICKLY!  I am not normally a fan of series television, mainly because I can’t keep up; I never remember when things are on etcetera, so I just don’t watch.  But you can bet your ass, I’m home in front of the TV every Wednesday night at 10P!!  It’s great TV that’s not totally predictable!

Before I sign off for Thursday… I have to say that I hate when people talk to me in the restroom.  Unless it’s someone that I went in there with.

From the stall beside me:  “TrippyBeth, is that you?”

You can’t NOT reply.  Fuck.

“Yea, it’s me.”  When all I want to say is “Just let me pee in peace, please?”


Wolfbernz said...

Stopped by to check out your blog.
I can fully agree with you on not being bothered in the restroom... Really do we have to talk now???

Nice blog, if you get a chance come play Top Sites Tuesday with us on BlogDumps.

All the best

Vigilarius said...

I thought I was your special fan. :(

TrippyBeth said...

Wolfbernz, if I can figure out how to play... I'M THERE!

Vigilarius, how do you know that the shout out wasn't for you??

Vigilarius said...

Ah, good point. Little ol' self-conscious me just assumed you were talking about someone else, TB. :)

TrippyBeth said...

Vigilarius, you are my most faithful follower!!!
It is much appreciated!

Vigilarius said...

*Blush* Thanks!