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Monday, November 26, 2012



Yay!! Saturday I traveled to Dayton to see my dude Kevin and have him add to the half sleeve I’m piecing together.

The drive was actually NICE! So much better than going after work.  Of course, any idiot would know that…

I arrive at Truth and Triumph ( and Kevin ( is waiting.  He works on the drawing… brings it to me, I’m diggin it, and he has the apprentice put the stencil on.

I’m happy!  Then we start the inking.

And if you haven't been to Truth & Triumph Tattoo, I can't recommend it highly enough.  Super clean, super friendly folks, you'll feel right at home!!!
Thankfully, the arm is not a painful place to get tattooed.  After the back, sheesh, I needed a break!!

My eyelashes look great in this photo!

This tattoo didn’t take long at all!

While we were waiting for the seeping to discontinue, we talked a little about my next portion of the half sleeve and how we (Kevin) would incorporate it.  I want a thistle next.
I love how the thistle is so beautiful, yet dangerous... And it's the symbol for Scotland, being a Scotch-Irish girl, that's a bonus!
We have an idea now about how we want to place it, and fill in other places to blend everything together.
He also wants to do a touch-up session to go over everything.  I wish he wasn’t so damn far away!!!

But he’s definitely worth the drive!!!!


Vigilarius said...

As always, your ink looks wonderful. :)

TrippyBeth said...

Thanks Vigilarius!!!!

Bob Locke said...

When you say half sleeve, does that mean just down to the elbow? Does that include the inside of your arm? I like the nature motif.

TrippyBeth said...

Bob, yes a half sleeve is to the elbow and technically it should include the inner arm as well... i'm not sure if i'll be technically correct or not, it just depends on how things progress and how froggy i feel :)
i wanted to keep things as girly as possible!