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Friday, September 28, 2012

Ear Buds and Pigtails on a Friday

I was so excited this morning; I arrived at the office before the other “radio person”.


No Warm 98!!! It seriously makes me want to jab thumb tacks in my ears.  The girls here say that I’m a music snob.

I am a music snob.  That’s just how I roll.  I take my music seriously.  Not one person here appreciates the genius that is Jack White, so how can I be expected take their music selections seriously?  I can’t.

So…. I have 96 Rock playing.  I made some STRONG coffee and I’m feeling pretty good for 8a.

Then a coworker arrives, late, traffic problems, looks at me and says “I can’t take that this morning.”


I understand being stressed, so I turned my radio off.  See, I am nice. 

What did people do before the invention of ear buds??  Sometimes I think that they are the only thing that stands between me and homicidal rage.  I should write a note to the inventor of ear buds and thank them for the lives that they have saved.  And the backstabber should write a note as well, thankful that she is still above ground and able to actually put pen to paper!

I wonder who did invent the ear buds?  Wikipedia, here I come!
So now the radio is tuned to a local college station, which is fine.  I dig that they play obscure stuff, but this morning they’ve played some shitty stuff.  I emailed a request for some Moreland & Arbuckle, which has yet to happen.

I thought that Friday would never get here! It has been a brutally long week.

Tonight, I am going biking.  I haven’t been in F O R E V E R!  I’m excited to get back out there.  I need to suck it up and start riding by myself, quit being a baby because I have no one to ride with.  I love biking and have all but given it up because I don’t have any accompaniment, that’s silly.  I see solo bicyclists all the time.  But, of course, they are SERIOUS, and I’m never serious.

Tomorrow morning is the Komen Greater Cincinnati Race for the Cure.  I do not race, but C and I are taking his kiddos down to do the Family Fun walk.  It’s only like a mile, should be fun for the kids, and I like walking around downtown.  After that, I have no other Saturday plans.  Nada, zip, zilch! But there is still time, who knows, maybe someone will ask me out on a date!

I actually got quite a bit done last night, cleaned out the closet and the drawers.  Now I have 4 giant totes full of clothes that I cannot carry to the basement.  So they’re sitting by my back door like a green and blue mountain topped off by a bright pink suitcase.  If a fire breaks out, I’ll surely die.  I don’t see myself as a person that jumps out of a window, I could possibly sit on the window ledge until the firemen put a ladder up to rescue me. 

That reminds me, I need to get someone taller than me to replace one of my smoke detectors.  I got it taken down after it’s dying battery made it chirp like chicken on crack.

Look in the eyes, no souls I tell you! Souless instruments of Satan!

I hate chickens.  It’s ok, we totally have a mutual abomination society.  Chickens have hated me since I was a small child.  I was a very cute and friendly child; their hate for me was completely uncalled for.  That’s probably what is at the root of my bird phobia.  I vividly recall being attacked by mama chickens at my Grandmother’s that were obviously suffering from some form of fowl postpartum depression.

Little TrippyBeth... who would not think she's adorable?

Grown TrippyBeth with pigtails, I look unhappy, but was at the Weird Al concert and was in a great mood!

Cute little barefoot girls in dresses with pigtails shouldn’t incite any critter’s ire! But this one did L.

So now, the only chickens I like are cooked and on my plate!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Neurotic MessyBessy

I over think things, it’s what I do.

I over think men and relationships especially.  I guess it’s out of the fear of having things turn out as spectacularly fucked up as they were in a previous relationship.  I can’t live through that again.

My friend SL says to me “You’re afraid of commitment”.
I reply “Ok, how do I get past that?”
SL “First, find a guy that doesn’t annoy you.”

HA! If it were that easy!

SL was annoyed with me for breaking up with someone that tickled me too much.  “It’s just tickling.”

NO, it’s not JUST tickling.  When someone holds you down and tickles you, when you repeatedly scream about how much you hate it, it’s not just tickling!  It’s fucking mean!

But, unless you’re extremely ticklish, you cannot understand.  From time to time I can tolerate a soft tickle, let me reiterate… FROM TIME TO TIME I CAN TOLERATE A SOFT TICKLE.  Never, never, never will I enjoy being held down and tickled. 

If you are a man reading this and you’ve held a girl down and tickled her, stop being an asshole and QUIT doing it.

What it is about being ticklish anyway??  Once some guys find out that I’m extremely (not an exaggeration) ticklish, they become obsessed with it.  I’m not sure it’s a fetish, but there are a lot of men that are overly focused on it.

But, it has been established that I do not understand men….

Looks like I may not be attending MPMF tonight, which is ok too… there is still Saturday night, if I decide to go. 

I seriously need to spend some time organizing. 

My nickname as a child was MessyBessy… yep, that’s right… I was a messy kid.  I’m still kinda messy, but I am seriously disorganized.  My mind is always going in 50 different directions and I find it nearly impossible to finish even one project.

So, tonight, if I stay home, I am first making a list of goals.  Then, accomplishing at least one of them!!  Then if a book doesn’t grab my attention, maybe TWO!  Holy moly, that will be ccraaazzyy!!!

If I had any sense at all, I’d write.  My novel, obviously, isn’t going to finish itself.  I’ve had so many people encouraging me to finish “I can’t wait to read what happens next!”  yet, I begin another project (this blog) and play around with notes for yet another book. 

Nothing gets finished.  And I’m angry at myself for never finishing anything, even though I doubt that anything I’m writing is actually any good. 

I suppose I wouldn’t truly be a writer if I weren’t a little neurotic and self doubting.  I am definitely those things.

I just feel like my fiction would have a very limited audience.  I don’t think I could pull in the masses like Twilight or 50 Shades of Gray.  I’ve never read either of those, honestly.  I did watch some of the Twilight movies, at my friend’s insistence after I broke my ankle.  But I was high on vicodin and a captive audience, so it really doesn’t count.  I couldn’t get into it.  But I do admire both authors for getting people to turn off the TV and READ. 

So, I’m off to accomplish SOMETHING…. Who knows what it will be????

Hold me accountable tomorrow!!

Statistic Thursday

This has been the longest freakin week….

I couldn’t sleep last night, the excitement over the Jack White tickets is making me INSANE!  Some people might say that I didn’t have far to go….

I can’t even tell anyone that I’m going without giggling and getting all breathless.  My cousin said that my obsession was nearing a stalker status… I’m too lazy to be a stalker, unless he lived in my neighborhood, then I’d totally be peeking in his windows and leaving panties in his mailbox!  I’d even leave good panties in his mailbox, not ugly work panties!

Now, I still don’t have any accom, accomp, acc…. Someone to go with me. (that was in homage of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou).

It has to be someone who appreciates him, and doesn’t mind that I’ll be fantasizing about doing dirty things to him throughout the concert… I jest… well not really.

This morning, when the backstabber brings some work back to my desk, she said that I make her uncomfortable. That’s so awesome!  I’m not a mean person (if someone who personally knows me reads this, please confirm) I just generally say whatever is on my mind (well that’s not true, I actually bite my tongue sometimes and don’t say “fuck you” when my brain is screaming it at work).  I actually say about 87% of what it on my mind.
But, it seems that it is my “look” that makes her uncomfortable, apparently there are arguments over who brings the work to my desk.  I consider that a small workplace victory! They are few and far between and must be celebrated!!!!!

I have this ecard hanging on my desk.  My administrator (the big boss) came back to my desk one day and said “How is that different than any other day for the last 14 years?”  I’m just happy that he acknowledged that I’m completely apathetic. Okay, maybe not completely apathetic, more like 69% apathetic.

It must be Statistic Thursday!  Of course, everyone knows that 78% of all statistics are made up right on the spot… including the previous two I posted.

Tonight, I may be checking out some of the Midpoint Music Festival with M.  I haven’t been for a couple of years.  I considered working, pouring beers (which I am exceptionally good at, but they wanted everyone to work all three nights, which I didn’t want to do) but I’ll just be attending as a festival-goer.  M asked last night after I had fallen fast asleep, but I awoke at around 130a to reply. 

My sleep cycle is so fucked up.

At about 2a I turned the TV on and ended up watching Honey BooBoo… holy fuck… I sincerely wanted to gouge my own eyes out.  The fact that it’s on the “Learning Channel” blows my mind.  They obviously don’t know the definition of “Learning”.  The future of humanity is definitely on some shaky ground.  One would think that, as a species, we would have evolved beyond these people.  Sadly, we have not.
Yet I watched it, it was like when someone’s pants fall off in public, I couldn’t look away. 

I’m ashamed.

I finally fell back asleep at around 4a, then slept through my alarm. I was 10 minutes late for work and had to bring the whole bowl of chicken salad and an entire loaf of bread because I didn’t have time to make a sandwich.  Oh well, my lunch will be here for tomorrow too….

Today's video...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Jack White Dreams Are Coming True!!!



I am so psyched that I can hardly stand myself!!!
The tickets weren't cheap, but I swore to myself that if he ever came anywhere close that I was going!


I will totally be Beetles-Teenager CCRRRAAZZYYY, hell I'm freakin right now!

I requested the following day off to find someone to accompany me!!  That will be the hard part!!

Ok.... gotta jet, but I just had to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submissive Flip Flops

Well the week is almost half over, YAY!!!
I so didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  It was cool and rainy, perfect sleeping weather.  But I did get up. Sometimes it really sucks being a grown-up.

Yesterday was Polka Dot Tuesday!!  I am the only that recognized it!

Yesterday I was in the public restroom in my office building.  I’ve told you before why I seldom use the private one in my office.
Another woman follows me in and enters the stall next to mine.  She is talking on the phone and doesn’t stop to use the facilities.  Her conversation went something like this:
“Yes, I’m in the bathroom, yes I’m peeing… because I’m on the phone!”
“I have very clean ears; you know that, I hate dirty ears!”
Then there were a few other things said that I don’t recall.
She flushes, exits the stall, and then exits the restroom… WITHOUT WASHING HER HANDS!!

I wanted to scream a comment about the irony from my stall, but I held my tongue (not with my hands, I was in the restroom after all).
Now you can understand why I don’t touch anything with my bare hands in the restroom after I’ve washed my hands.  GROSS!

Tuesday morning, I had a doctor appointment with the rheumatologist before I went in to work.  The appointment went rather well.  I had a bone scan which was pretty good considering that I’ve been on prednisone for about 18 months at least.  We are increasing the Methotrexate and decreasing the prednisone… YAY! Hopefully I’ll tolerate the medication changes without too many untoward effects.  I surrendered 4 vials of blood without a fight and arrived at work at 1045a.
When I arrived at the doctor’s office, I noticed a pair of flip flops lying in the grass alongside the parking lot.  I was perplexed.  Why would someone leave a perfectly good pair of flip flops there?

Did they just give up on the flip flop look altogether?
Were they being chased? God knows I can’t run in flip flops.  Have you ever been running down a hill in flip flops, start sliding and have your foot slide right through the little toe separation thingy?? That hurts like a mother fucker, therefore, I never run in flip flops.  If I am ever chased while wearing them, I will shuck them off so fast and lob them at my pursuer!!  Ok, I am not that coordinated… I would hope to get them off without falling over a cliff or something.  Truth be told, I’d be fucking lucky to get them off without killing myself or falling down and being murderlized by the psycho that was chasing me.  Truly, I’d just be screwed; I’d just as well lie down and let them kill me, who wants to die tired anyway??

Yesterday, I get a message on the dating site.  The guy asks me if I’m familiar with a Dom/Sub relationship.  "Yes" I reply.
There is brief conversation, and he says “Without getting too much into it, I’ll just say that I found I enjoy being forced into diapers, wearing panties, remote control devices, or toys out in public, for a woman’s pleasure at home, etc…”

I think I’ve become jaded.

Three years ago this would have been shocking to me.  Now? Not so much.

I’ve been contacted by MANY men that were submissive.  I don’t think that it’s because I look or act like a dominatrix, I don’t.  I just think that a lot of men are submissive in the bedroom.  Which is totally cool, we all have our things.  And dudes aren’t shy about just putting it out there.  I guess they figure, why waste time if a woman isn’t going to be into it?
I really don’t have a dominant personality.  I might be able to deliver a nice little spanking, but forcing someone to wear a diaper… yea, not my thing.  But, if two consenting adults are down with it…GET YOUR FREAK ON!  Who am I to judge?  I’m sure there are people out there that would think that my sexual predilections are strange, different strokes for different folks (pun intended!).

This is my date look.  How would you feel if this showed up on a date with you?

A day without some Jack White, well, it's a day not worth living!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bourbon, Pork and New Hats

Monday hath arriveth once again… I needed to come back to work to get some rest!

I arrived at work to find that there had been a water leak from the ceiling above my desk.  Fucking awesome.  Tons of wet, partially wet, and crinkled up dried paperwork.  I think I’ll just toss it all and deal with it later.  Most of it should find its way back to me.  Unfortunately, at this point, I do not know the source of the water.  So I am cleaning and sanitizing, praying that it isn’t toilet water.  That it a big part of why I’m tossing everything.  The more I think about it, the more disgusted I’m getting.  For fuck’s sake, what an awesome way to start the day.

I am in serious need of a vacation.  And I don’t even care where I go, as long as it’s not here.  Actually, I am envisioning mountains, a lake, cool weather, a fireplace…. Oh and snuggling… maybe snuggling is all I really need???  Who the hell knows?

I had a busy weekend, yet got to be lazy on Saturday too; ok maybe I HAD to be lazy!

Friday afternoon we left work at noon and headed to The Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club for a company sponsored luncheon.  We had a great time and great weather.  The food was mediocre, but the Yacht Club is not someplace you go for gourmet food.

Me, at LBYC, photo cropped to protect the innocent.

Then at about 1:30p the drinking began!  I had gone there with the intentions of drinking frou-frou drinks.  That did not happen.  I love bourbon, and when I started with it, I did not stop.  Aaaahhhhhhh Woodford Reserve, I do love you.

I am popular amongst the foreign men, I'm not sure why.  I had a Latin-looking man hitting on me for most of the evening "What kind of shots do you drink?" he asked.  Good god, that would have been a horrific idea!  And there were two gentleman that had a giant boat, they invited us for a "three hour tour", I felt like the tour would have been of more than just the boat, we declined.  Even when tipsy, I am still capable of good decision making.  Sometimes I think I make better decisions when drinking, I put a lot more thought in to them, because I know that I'm impared.  My worst decisions have always been made stone cold sober!

I had a great time with my work friends and my girl KR joined us later in the afternoon.  The band started at around 9p and we danced our asses off!  There were times that TK and I were the only two on the dance floor, of course we didn’t care.  Johnny Fink ( was the band and their guitar player/lead singer tore it up!    I definitely need to see them again!  I’m totally a guitar girl!
Johnny Fink and the Intrusion

This feels blasphemous to say, but their version of “Jesus Just Left Chicago” was better than ZZ Top’s last weekend!  I see they are gonna be at The Mansion Hill Tavern ( Saturday night, maybe TrippyBeth will make an appearance!

Saturday morning I had a wicked headache and my neck hurt (WTF?), I just stayed home… didn’t even go the Goodwill!
It was Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, but I couldn’t even muster the energy to go!

The only thing I accomplished was a little art project.  I bought 2 canvas weeks ago, they were cheap, yet I had no idea what I was going to do with them.  I finally got an idea…

I did get myself together enough to have supper at Giuseppe’s with M.  We had the Terrace Topper pizza, which is BBQ chicken, caramelized onions and cilantro.  Soooooooo yummy!!  Even M conceded that I made an excellent choice!  I do know good food.  I can even cook good food, but it’s no fun cooking for myself.  Someday, I’ll have someone over and cook for them, which would be kinda nice, especially now that it isn’t so brutally hot in my apartment.

After supper, I headed home and was in bed reading 11/22/1963, by Stephen King on my new Kindle Fire by 1130p.  Soon after I began that little endeavor, I was fast asleep.

Sunday morning I finally did some laundry, I couldn’t put it off any longer.  Then I headed to the Goodwill (couldn’t put that off any longer either).  Didn’t get too many things, jeans, jacket, a couple of tank tops and 2 wine glasses.  I think I have a problem; I have a ton of party glasses now.  But at $.50 apiece, who can turn that down??

Sunday driving...

After the Goodwill, I headed to Miamitown, OH to join AW for a late lunch at Kreimer’s Bier Haus ( and was it ever yummy!!
I had the Schwein Chop, which was the biggest pork chop I’ve EVER SEEN!  It was served with sauerkraut, green beans, cinnamon apples and a potato cake.  It was the most food I’ve seen on one plate since the last family reunion I attended!!!

Wipe the drool off your chin...

And it was delish!  I ate ALL of the pork chop and the sauerkraut, but I couldn’t clean my plate!!
Kriemer’s is located on the Little Miami River; it’s such a charming little place, with stone walls, German d├ęcor and amazing decks and patios!

Bier Haus patios.

Little Miami River.

After lunch I did a little hat and scarf shopping before I headed home and bid the weekend adieu!

I love hats and scarves!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cozy Fires, Wine and Happiness...

This week has gone by remarkably quickly… YAY! 
Wishing my life away, as my grandmother said.  It is what it is; I look much more forward to weekends than I do Mondays! 

Tonight, I will be running again with KR, it is supposed to be another beautiful evening here in the Ohtucky!  I love the fall… spring is nice, when we have an actual spring, but fall is better, crisper, and I don’t usually get fried like a lobster in the fall like I have in the spring.  Bonfires, dark beer, Halloween… what is there not to like about fall??
Don't you want to pull a chair right up to this fire and poke it with a stick?

I want to RUN, today, now… I want to be a runner.  Sigh…. But I have to build back up to it, I know this.  I hate, hate, hate waiting!!! I have no patience.

Tomorrow, my corporation is letting us off work at noon, taking us to the Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club (, buying us lunch, then giving us the afternoon off!
Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club

After that?? Who knows???  Usually the “bad girls” from the office will hang around and have a few drinks after the fuddy duddies leave.  Hopefully, the weather will be nice for drinking on the pontoon-ish decks of the Yacht Club!  I’m always eager to start the weekend early!

Last night, I hung out at home, had some KY wine…Blackberry wine, from StoneBrook Winery ( And that was pretty much it. 
mmmmmmm blackberry wine!

Did talk to a friend CG, and he asked if it (the conversation) would end up in my blog.  NOPE.  Everything doesn’t end up in the blog… NO, seriously, it doesn’t.  I’m actually pretty private about some things, SHOCKING, I know… but it’s true.

In my search for love, I only talk about the pitfalls, really, not the successes.  Though, to be honest, successes are few and far between.  I almost moved to Georgia several months ago for what I thought was a success.  But once I got home, I realized that maybe what I was most enamored with, was playing house.  That’s something I’ve never really had, and I liked it.  I am no domestic goddess, don’t get me wrong, but it was nice just having someone there, sharing things… I don’t know… I really liked it though, some day, I hope I find it, along with everything else.
Happy TrippyBeth...

Here’s another example of what I receive on the dating site.

Is it any wonder, that in my search for companionship, that I have become disillusioned?  My friend, SL, says that dating sites are “meat markets”, doesn’t think I’ll find anything real out there.  I have to believe that there are real, sincere men out there!  After all, I’m REAL, I’m sincere, there has to be ONE man out there, like me, who would appreciate me, right??  I’m not THAT bad. Right?

I've been super reflective lately... could TrippyBeth be growing up?!?!  Stranger things have happened!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bondage with Jack White...

“I’d like to take bondage photos of you with a gag in your mouth, and those eyes.”

Sigh… This is at least half of what I attract.  Is it me?  Am I putting off a vibe?  I don’t dress like a S&M chick, I certainly don’t have anything in my dating profile that would make one think that’s what I’m into… I don’t get it… I don’t get men… Period.

This could be the clue to my unsuccessful dating career (again, I hate that term).  It does seem to be my vocation of late.  Not really how I would prefer things to be working out.  Even though it would virtually destroy the blog, I really wanna meet someone! I want cuddle time! I want someone to depend on (and I don’t mean someone to take care of me).  I want stolen kisses and inside jokes.  I want to curl up in someone’s arms on an early morning, sipping coffee, watching the sunrise, then cook breakfast together, followed by a lazy day, lounging, reading to one another… sigh.  Is it too much to ask?  Is it just impossibility for me? Am I, forever, only going to attract the boys that want to tie me up?

Yes, I know it’s surprising, but I am a little romantical, even with my PTDS diagnosis! And, today, I totally feel like moaning about it.  Lord Tennyson said “In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”  Well… fall turns this girls thoughts to romance!!  The cooler weather makes me crave some skin on skin, some neck nuzzling… and it’s been so long I can barely remember at this point.


Last night I had an early supper at Zola (  I’m not sure if I’ve said it before, but I love Zola!  I chose the patty melt, on a regular bun as opposed to the rye bread.  I know that changing the bun effectively makes it NOT a patty melt; however, I do not like rye bread.  And I also had a Guinness mmmmmm what a yummy, yummy supper!!!

As you can see, I cut the burger in half, as I only intended to eat half of it.  Well, I ate the whole damn thing, it was so delicious!
After supper, I went home with the intentions of doing laundry, it, of course, didn’t happen.  TrippyBeth hates laundry.  And I discovered that I still have a couple pair of clean underpants, so it can wait until tonight.

At 7p, I met KR for what I will from here on refer to as a “run” it was actually just brisk walking.  I think I need to brisk walk for a couple of weeks before I tackle the running again, it has been a long time.  I need to learn how to breathe.  The ankle didn’t bother me, just the burning lungs for the few minutes I actually ran.
The pre-run, I hate exercise look.

I super enjoyed it though! So good to have girl time and get a little blood pumping.  It was cool so I didn’t get sweaty; I don’t like to sweat, so all and all it was perfect.  I felt good afterwards, even though I am not a fan of exercise, as a rule. 

I hope to get addicted.  I’m not sure that I have the addiction gene, which isn’t a bad thing, I know.  I smoke sometimes, never got addicted, I’ve had friends jealous of the fact that I’m able to pick them up and lay them down.  I generally only smoke with beers and not all the time. 

I have a friend who just completed her first MARATHON 26.2 fucking miles!!! I’m so proud of her, she’s addicted! And now she’s doing another one in a month!  I can’t see myself as a marathon girl, but I’d like to be a 5k girl… we shall see.  I may need encouragement friends! Especially if the dermatomyositis flares up.  But, fingers crossed, that it won’t!

I am jammin this morning… trying to keep the motivation up to get through the morning!
Jam with me??
A day without Jack White is a day not worth getting out of bed!

Monday, September 17, 2012

All Wrapped Up in a Sushi Roll...

I blinked…

Now it’s Monday, sigh…

I, however, had a great weekend.  Super busy, and my ass is super kicked!

Friday night, as I alluded to earlier, was the ZZ Top/Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at Riverbend (

The show started off with the band The Cadillac Black (, I’d never heard of them before, but I really liked them, they threw down some really good southern rock.  TrippyBeth likes some southern rock! 
Long haired country boys

After The Cadillac Black, Skynyrd took the stage, and tore it down!  The last time I saw them, with Kid Rock, it seemed like they were just phoning it in. But, Friday, they brought it!  I danced my ass off, sang at the top of my lungs and had a GREAT time!

And it was a great night for a hat!!!

Finally, ZZ Top came on… I was so looking forward to them; I’ve loved them for 100 years.  Friday night, ZZ Top were the ones phoning it in.  To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.  However, they did play “Jesus Just Left Chicago”, I can’t say it was my favorite version, but it was all I really WANTED.  I shouldn’t complain.  I do think that maybe…just maybe The Reverend Willy G should stick with acting at this time in his career.  He is still the embodiment of cool, no doubt.  But I did not feel compelled to shake what my mama gave me while they played.

All and all, it was a fun night anyway… I had a couple of Yuengling Lagers, not too bad, I’m still not sure they completely live up to the hype that surrounded the release a year or so ago, not bad nonetheless.

One of the best things I heard all night was a woman proclaiming “I think I smell some mari-ja-wanna!!”  She must not have a very good smeller; the weed was burning from the minute I arrived until I left! It was Skynyrd and ZZ Top, Lady, what do you expect? Sheesh….

Saturday I slept late, did a little decorating around the apartment, I should have done laundry, but I really hate laundry.

Saturday evening I headed down to the Newport on the Levee to meet a friend for dinner.  The Hat had previously decided that we would dine at the new-ish Naked Tchopstix, a pan-Asian sushi restaurant (

All that I can say is AWESOME!!!!! 
But I will say more than that, of course!
Our waiter was fantastic, sadly, I don’t recall his name. 
I started out with the sake/plum wine cocktail (yummy) and L had an IPA that they had on tap.
At our waiter’s suggestion, we tried the Playboy sushi roll…. And I hate to say this but OMG!!
It was DELISH!!  It has a bonus of being served, thanks to some everclear, by being lit afire at your tableside! The fire fuses the sauce with the roll.  The roll stuffed with shrimp and asparagus and tuna (?), the sauce….sigh….the sauce, I could have drank it!! Spicy, but not too spicy.  I want more, NOW!

The bibimbap as it was mixed together...

Then we had the more traditional dolsot bibimbap, which are veggies, beef, rice and an egg served in a sizzling stone bowl.  It is served with a smokey, spicy sauce which is quite tasty as well. 

It is a great dining experience, if you enjoy sushi or just trying new food…. GO…NOW!!!

Sunday, I went for late lunchtime beer at Haufbrauhaus with AW. 
I do not have one drop of German blood, but damn I love German beer!!  I, of course, had the Dunkel and enjoyed a nice visit sitting outside under the shade of an umbrella.  The weather was absolutely PERFECT!
Sunday TrippyBeth...
Sunday evening, I headed back to the Taft Theater to see Kenny Wayne Shepherd!!  He is soooooo pretty and so talented.  He is the ultimate SRV fan, plays Stevie’s licks to perfection.
Robert Cray ( opened for KWS, and WOW… unique blues guitar style, and, holy hell, can that man sing!  I’m definitely a new fan.

As I sat there watching Mr. Cray, I saw people walking up and down the aisles of the theater.  It distracts me, maybe it doesn’t distract everyone, but it does me.  I decided that it would be much better if people were required to, as they travel up and down the aisles, to traverse them dance-dare style!! Shaking their money makers as they go up and down!  It would be an adjunct to the entertainment! So, as I watched the people make their way to and from their seats, I imagined them dancing… should be state law.  I have danced my way out of bars before, with C, it’s pretty fun, even though I am not a good  dancer, and I try!

Kenny Wayne on the right, Noah Hunt on the right... Yummy squared!!

When The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band took the stage, the whole place went cccrrrazy!  With Kenny Wayne playing some sick guitar and Noah Hunt (a Cinci boy!) killing some blues vocals, it was a great show!  I’ve seen them before and they do not disappoint!!
They ended the show with “Blue on Black”, “Oh Well” and “Voodoo Chile”… the whole place was on their feet, rockin and singing… great time!!

I get home last night, not too late, around 11:30 and I’m tired, yet sleep would not come! I was awake until around 6a, the alarm goes off at 6:30a… I may not look my best today, but I’m actually in a good mood, I know… weird.
My new Kindle Fire HD just arrived!!
I’m psyched!  I am a book lover, the feel the smell, the whole experience, but reading in bed had become difficult as I’m having trouble with my eyes (probably chemo related) so I broke down and bought the Kindle, I can’t wait to play with it!!

I HATE ICE CREAM TRUCKS.  It had to be said. 
Their creepy music just sends a shiver up my spine.  It could be due, in part, to never really being exposed to them until I was an adult.  There weren’t ice cream trucks where I grew up.
And, in part, to the ice cream’s association to clowns.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned my aversion to clowns before.  I know it’s not a rare aversion, who can forget Pennywise?? Dammit, I just creeped myself out.
J was telling me the other night that he had ordered a new “awesome” clown mask, as if such a thing could ever exist!
He asked if I wanted to see it “NO” I replied.
“Not even a photo of it?” he asked.
“NO” I replied again.
“Not even a picture?” he asked again.
“NO, and I don’t even like talking about it, honestly” I replied AGAIN.
“OH” he said “You’re one of THOSE.”

Sigh, I am one of THOSE…  it’s ok though, I’m good with it.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Maybe I Should Wear a Mask...

ZZ-friggin-Top tonight folks!!

They better play “Jesus Just Left Chicago” (my fav ZZ song) tonight! Surely they will, they generally play it with “Waiting for The Bus”.

Lynyrd Skynyrd will also be playing; I’ve seen them before, when they were on the God & Guns tour.  It seemed silly to me, that while on that tour, that seemed to celebrate guns, yet they still play the song “Saturday Night Special”.  The lyrics of that song say:

So why don't we dump 'em people
To the bottom of the sea.

Seems a little hypocritical to me, but what do I know?  It’s rock-n-roll, so they can do whatever they want, right?  And I’m pretty sure that most of the crowd didn’t catch it, nor did they care.

From what I can tell, this tour is called The Band of Outlaws tour, I think.  There should be some great people watching tonight!  The last time I saw Skynyrd, they were with Kid Rock, and it rained.  So on top of the beer, there was mud, and a lot of it.  It made things super interesting.  But mud is no longer an issue at Riverbend.  They have a beautiful artificial turf lawn now, which is quite nice.

So, last night I took a little road trip with J.  To Bumfuct Cornville, USA.  Since I am from nowheresville, I have the right to say these things.  I do not think that I’m better than anyone, I am just acknowledging facts.

We traveled the 90 minutes up there to visit a haunted house before it opens tonight.  Sort of a behind-the-scenes look at hicktown horror.

As we drove through the corn and soybean fields, dotted here and there with McMansions, several thoughts rattled around in my brain.
The first, “I would NEVER want to live here!”  the only redeeming fact was that they were close to I-71, so escape is a little easier.
The second, “Instead of the biggest house in BFE, I’d much rather have the smallest house in civilization.
The third, as we drove down the driveway to the home of the haunted house devotees, a truck passed us.  Remember the truck from “Jeepers Creepers”???  yea, it reminded me of that truck.
I might die here...

So, my mind started going wild.  This was a perfect place to slaughter some unsuspecting visitors, under the guise of a “Haunted House”.  When we arrived at the home, this feeling grew even stronger.

The folks that were hosting the haunted house were also breeders of Rottweilers.  “This could go so horribly fucking bad….” Kept running through my brain.  “Once I’m slaughtered, the dogs could dispose of my body” while less efficient than hogs, they could probably do a decent job….
My eyes darted around in the darkness of the cornfield for opportunities to escape and potential weapons. “Why in the holy hell did I wear flip flops?”

As J stood around making small talk, I realize that I have to pee, BAD.  Fucking great.  I whisper in J’s ear that I really need to go.

“I’ve never been in their house before” is the reply I receive.


I surmised that there would be no way that I could run for my life with a full bladder, so I ask if I can use their bathroom.

A daughter, I assume, escorts me into the house, which doesn’t look too unkempt from the outside.  The inside, however, was a completely different story.

I am greeted by a tiny little dog in a tutu and an elderly couple sitting in matching lounge chairs, who looked at me, puzzled, and kept asking “Who is that girl?”

I hurry into the bathroom the daughter pointed me in the direction of.  There was a night light on in the bathroom, when I flipped the light switch, I realized that the nightlight was the only illumination in the room.  This just keeps getting better.

I had an amazing pee, only to notice that the sink was….. ummmm….not clean.  I turned on the faucet with my elbow and did not use the questionable looking bar of soap.  After I rinsed my hands, I looked at the towel hanging by the sink.  Not gonna happen.  But fortunately, they had some unused-looking guest towels hanging up; I totally used one of those.

I stepped back into the living room where once again the question was raised “Who is that girl?”

When I got back outside, J quietly asked “How was it?”  I just shook my head.

Mercifully, they finally led us to the “haunted house” which appeared to be a cluster of farm sheds connected with slats of wood.  It seemed to be quite dilapidated, but I was assured that it had only recently been constructed.  I was not convinced.

“Do you want to go in the maze?” we were asked.

“No” I replied.

Then they led us into the maze.

The maze was pitch black, fucking dark.  J led as I followed closely.  I am not a fan of mazes, not corn, not hay bales, not the fantastic hedge maze at the Overlook Hotel.  But there I was, in the middle of it.  Followed by a family who kept proclaiming how “Fucking epic” it was.

After several wrong turns and collisions with cardboard covered posts, we emerged into some dim light.  Our journey did not end there.

We entered the haunted house, proper.  I had to admit, they did a good job.  It was a series of rooms, the church/wake scene being my favorite.  Of course, the actors weren’t present, I could see the potential.  It was well done.

Aside from the maze, the most distressing part had to be the smell from the dog kennels.  For fuck’s sake, if you’re going to have hundreds of people visiting your haunted house, do something about the stench.

Soon we were back on the highway headed home.  That was a close one!

Remember how I talked about over sharing yesterday?  Well, guess who got another lesson in it today?? Yep, you guessed it, TrippyBeth!

Earlier this morning I recanted the story to CB, here at the office, about the backstabber and her digestive issues.  She said that she hears it all of the time; their cubes are right next to one another, poor girl.
Not 30 minutes later, a former employee, the one who had previously dropped her pants in my office to show me her wound, appears in our office.


Of course she comes back to me, makes small talk… then begins to tell me about recent dental work, antibiotic therapy and the resulting yeast infection.


The worst part was when she said that it wasn’t in the “vaginal area” but on her “clit”.  I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Do people have no shame??

Fortunately I hadn’t eaten breakfast…..