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Friday, September 28, 2012

Ear Buds and Pigtails on a Friday

I was so excited this morning; I arrived at the office before the other “radio person”.


No Warm 98!!! It seriously makes me want to jab thumb tacks in my ears.  The girls here say that I’m a music snob.

I am a music snob.  That’s just how I roll.  I take my music seriously.  Not one person here appreciates the genius that is Jack White, so how can I be expected take their music selections seriously?  I can’t.

So…. I have 96 Rock playing.  I made some STRONG coffee and I’m feeling pretty good for 8a.

Then a coworker arrives, late, traffic problems, looks at me and says “I can’t take that this morning.”


I understand being stressed, so I turned my radio off.  See, I am nice. 

What did people do before the invention of ear buds??  Sometimes I think that they are the only thing that stands between me and homicidal rage.  I should write a note to the inventor of ear buds and thank them for the lives that they have saved.  And the backstabber should write a note as well, thankful that she is still above ground and able to actually put pen to paper!

I wonder who did invent the ear buds?  Wikipedia, here I come!
So now the radio is tuned to a local college station, which is fine.  I dig that they play obscure stuff, but this morning they’ve played some shitty stuff.  I emailed a request for some Moreland & Arbuckle, which has yet to happen.

I thought that Friday would never get here! It has been a brutally long week.

Tonight, I am going biking.  I haven’t been in F O R E V E R!  I’m excited to get back out there.  I need to suck it up and start riding by myself, quit being a baby because I have no one to ride with.  I love biking and have all but given it up because I don’t have any accompaniment, that’s silly.  I see solo bicyclists all the time.  But, of course, they are SERIOUS, and I’m never serious.

Tomorrow morning is the Komen Greater Cincinnati Race for the Cure.  I do not race, but C and I are taking his kiddos down to do the Family Fun walk.  It’s only like a mile, should be fun for the kids, and I like walking around downtown.  After that, I have no other Saturday plans.  Nada, zip, zilch! But there is still time, who knows, maybe someone will ask me out on a date!

I actually got quite a bit done last night, cleaned out the closet and the drawers.  Now I have 4 giant totes full of clothes that I cannot carry to the basement.  So they’re sitting by my back door like a green and blue mountain topped off by a bright pink suitcase.  If a fire breaks out, I’ll surely die.  I don’t see myself as a person that jumps out of a window, I could possibly sit on the window ledge until the firemen put a ladder up to rescue me. 

That reminds me, I need to get someone taller than me to replace one of my smoke detectors.  I got it taken down after it’s dying battery made it chirp like chicken on crack.

Look in the eyes, no souls I tell you! Souless instruments of Satan!

I hate chickens.  It’s ok, we totally have a mutual abomination society.  Chickens have hated me since I was a small child.  I was a very cute and friendly child; their hate for me was completely uncalled for.  That’s probably what is at the root of my bird phobia.  I vividly recall being attacked by mama chickens at my Grandmother’s that were obviously suffering from some form of fowl postpartum depression.

Little TrippyBeth... who would not think she's adorable?

Grown TrippyBeth with pigtails, I look unhappy, but was at the Weird Al concert and was in a great mood!

Cute little barefoot girls in dresses with pigtails shouldn’t incite any critter’s ire! But this one did L.

So now, the only chickens I like are cooked and on my plate!

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