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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Statistic Thursday

This has been the longest freakin week….

I couldn’t sleep last night, the excitement over the Jack White tickets is making me INSANE!  Some people might say that I didn’t have far to go….

I can’t even tell anyone that I’m going without giggling and getting all breathless.  My cousin said that my obsession was nearing a stalker status… I’m too lazy to be a stalker, unless he lived in my neighborhood, then I’d totally be peeking in his windows and leaving panties in his mailbox!  I’d even leave good panties in his mailbox, not ugly work panties!

Now, I still don’t have any accom, accomp, acc…. Someone to go with me. (that was in homage of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou).

It has to be someone who appreciates him, and doesn’t mind that I’ll be fantasizing about doing dirty things to him throughout the concert… I jest… well not really.

This morning, when the backstabber brings some work back to my desk, she said that I make her uncomfortable. That’s so awesome!  I’m not a mean person (if someone who personally knows me reads this, please confirm) I just generally say whatever is on my mind (well that’s not true, I actually bite my tongue sometimes and don’t say “fuck you” when my brain is screaming it at work).  I actually say about 87% of what it on my mind.
But, it seems that it is my “look” that makes her uncomfortable, apparently there are arguments over who brings the work to my desk.  I consider that a small workplace victory! They are few and far between and must be celebrated!!!!!

I have this ecard hanging on my desk.  My administrator (the big boss) came back to my desk one day and said “How is that different than any other day for the last 14 years?”  I’m just happy that he acknowledged that I’m completely apathetic. Okay, maybe not completely apathetic, more like 69% apathetic.

It must be Statistic Thursday!  Of course, everyone knows that 78% of all statistics are made up right on the spot… including the previous two I posted.

Tonight, I may be checking out some of the Midpoint Music Festival with M.  I haven’t been for a couple of years.  I considered working, pouring beers (which I am exceptionally good at, but they wanted everyone to work all three nights, which I didn’t want to do) but I’ll just be attending as a festival-goer.  M asked last night after I had fallen fast asleep, but I awoke at around 130a to reply. 

My sleep cycle is so fucked up.

At about 2a I turned the TV on and ended up watching Honey BooBoo… holy fuck… I sincerely wanted to gouge my own eyes out.  The fact that it’s on the “Learning Channel” blows my mind.  They obviously don’t know the definition of “Learning”.  The future of humanity is definitely on some shaky ground.  One would think that, as a species, we would have evolved beyond these people.  Sadly, we have not.
Yet I watched it, it was like when someone’s pants fall off in public, I couldn’t look away. 

I’m ashamed.

I finally fell back asleep at around 4a, then slept through my alarm. I was 10 minutes late for work and had to bring the whole bowl of chicken salad and an entire loaf of bread because I didn’t have time to make a sandwich.  Oh well, my lunch will be here for tomorrow too….

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