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Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweaty Regret and Matching Tattoos

Happy Monday my friends!!! Hope that you all had a fantastic weekend!

It was hotter than the 6th circle of hell here in NKY, it was 108 in my car when I left the tattoo shop on Saturday…… I am not built for the brutally hot weather….. I wilt like a groomsman’s boutonnière, hell even Satan himself was sweating.

It was nice and cool in the shop and as I lie on the table, underneath Dustin’s needle, I began to think about today’s posting.  So many thing on my mind, I was having a hard time focusing on just one topic.  Today’s posting may be a little schizo, so try to keep up.

I always like to watch the other patrons and artists when at the tattoo shop.  The patrons that I found most interesting on this visit were a couple.  The first to get tattooed was the male half; he had a deer skull tattooed on his left upper arm, black and gray.  Much like the one below.

The tattoo was masculine, looked like it fit him.
Next up was the female contingent of the duo.  I watched as Austin ( applied the stencil to her left upper arm, peeled away the paper, gave it a look and told her to go have a look herself in the mirror.  I found myself a little excited to see what she was getting.  She turned to walk to the mirror and I saw the stencil.  It was the same deer skull that her gentleman friend had just been tattooed with.  I was a little surprised.
I began to ponder the idea of matching tattoos.  It, of course, isn’t a new concept.  A matching tattoo with a lover is preferable to having someone’s name tattooed on them.
If the relationship ends up failing, at least you wouldn’t have to explain Fred’s name tattooed on your ass to your next paramour.

And for the majority of us, our tattoos aren’t splayed across every tabloid in the market like the matching Sanskrit tattoos worn by Katy and Russell.  But, as a celebrity, one has to expect that.  So, if the relationship fails, I’m sure there would be some tattoo regret, but less than an ex-lover’s name would inspire.

I, personally, have never felt so totally mad about someone that I needed to have a representation of our relationship on my skin.  Of course, I am the girl that is pretty sure she’s never been in love, so it is a little difficult for me to relate to that type of ardor.  However, I do like the tattoos that siblings/families get.  But, again, this is something I’d probably never get either.  I don’t have any siblings, nor am I close enough to any of my other relatives to consider that.  So, for me, only original tattoos will be in order.

Asylum was very busy on Saturday, I love for the shops I go to, to be busy.  Lots of energy abounding with tattooists and tattooees all excited about the art.
They have a projection television in the back and had a show called “Tattoo Nightmares” playing.  I think tattoo TV can be hit or miss.  I watched “Miami Ink” back in the day, until it got too douchey, all the fake drama was more than I could tolerate.  I am interested in the tattoos, not someone’s romantic life, or one shop’s feud with another shop, etc… I watched to see the ink; I loved admiring some of the beautiful, intricate tattoos.  But, I eventually quit watching because I don’t like soap operas.  “LA Ink” was even worse; I could only suffer through 2 episodes.  This is a pity, because there were some really good artists on there.

Anyway, back to nightmarish tattoos……..
They showed some truly horrific tattoos, but even as UNtalented as the artists (a term I’m using very loosely) were, much of the burden lies with the person being tattooed.
If the tattooee or the tattooist is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the tattooing commences, they are both dumbasses.  If the tattooee is drunk/high and chooses to walk into a shop and ask for something ridiculous, then they are getting the tattoo that they deserve, I really can’t muster any pity for them.
If a tattoo artist creates a stencil for you, with some script on it, and places the stencil on your skin, it is your responsibility to double check the spelling!!!
For fuck’s sake, if you can’t spell AWESOME, repeat the third grade and keep your ass out of a tattoo shop.

Here is another example of a misspelled tattoo:

What I find especially interesting about this case is that Marie didn’t notice the misspelling until she got home, and it’s a pretty glaring mistake.  I wonder if someone other than Marie was the first to notice it. I mean she didn’t notice the misspelling when the stencil was applied, or in the finished product, that I’m sure she admired in the mirror.  Personally, I don’t think that Spencer should have to bear the burden of the entire cost of the tattoo removal; I think half would have been fair enough.  Marie should bear some responsibility for her own stupidity.  And maybe, just maybe, Newcombe's Ink should consider investing in a dictionary.
I realize that not everyone is a skilled speller.  Hell, I depend on spell check, who doesn’t in the 21st century?? But, one would think that one of the two people involved in the tattoo process would be able to spell. 

There has been a process with every tattoo I’ve ever received.
#1 tell the artist the idea; show them images that you like.
#2 artist presents the drawing; there is discussion about what you like/dislike
#3 if an edit is necessary it is done and presented
#4 tattooee approves the drawing
#5 stencil is applied to tattooee
#6 tattooee approves stencil
#7 ink is placed in the skin
#8 tattooee analyzes the finished product

There are 3 points where the tattooee has the opportunity to have the tattoo changed in some way or decline it altogether.  Every time the tattooee says “I LOVE IT” they, in my opinion, are taking, at the very least, half of the responsibility for what they receive.

There were some other truly awful tattoos shown on that show, and some kick ass cover ups.  The people with the ridiculous ones were really honest about how stupid they were, I liked that.  And there was no soap opera-ish drama, it was just about the ink.  I’d recommend it.

Today may require two postings……..

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