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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tattoos go to the Opera

Today I am bringing to you the plight of Evgeny Nikitin, a Russian opera singer.  Evgeny was scheduled to perform at the Bayreuth opera festival, in Berlin Germany.

You can check out the Yahoo story here: 

When opera officials saw photos of Evgeny with a swastika tattoo on his chest, they got a little antsy.  Not surprisingly, the German people aren’t cool with folks sporting a swastika, go figure…..

After Evgeny started receiving some static about the tattoo, he bowed out of the festival. 

"I had these tattoos done in my youth. It was a big mistake in my life and I wish I had never done it," Nikitin said in a statement on the festival's website.
Everyone makes mistakes, and I’m not sure what the culture is in Russia, where he’s from.  Maybe it’s more acceptable there.
But then he goes on to say this "I was not aware of the extent of the irritation and pain these signs and symbols would cause especially in Bayreuth and in the context of the history of the festival." 

REALLY Evgeny???

You don’t think that the German people are a tad bit sensitive about a swastika?  Did you ever hear of a little thing called the HOLOCAST?
The festival does have Nazi ties. Richard Wagner, whose music the festival celebrates, had anti-Semitic sentiments, years before Hitler came into power.  And Richard’s daughter-in-law was a friend of Hitler.

So, with the history of the festival, I suppose Evgeny thought that the swastika was no biggie.
BUT, the people of Germany once worshipped Hitler too….. uuuummmm dude, things change……. Get with the times…….

The only photos I can find of the tattoo look like it’s been partially covered.  He doesn't look like what you expect an opera singer to look like, does he?
So……….. is it still an issue?  It’s still obviously a swastika underneath, but he has attempted to make it go away.  You can tell that it was a big, dark tattoo…. Not easy to cover, and I’m sure not easy to laser away.
He says he regrets getting the tattoo, maybe because he no longer identifies with what the swastika symbolizes? Or because he doesn’t want it to affect his ability to get work?

When choosing a tattoo, there can be consequences.  Tattoos that represent hate are never, in TrippyBeth’s opinion, a good idea.  

This might be acceptable……

But why? I’m sure someone out there has their reasons to get one of these tattooed on their body, and I fully support their right to do it.  However, if you choose this symbol, don’t be surprised when people hate on you for it.  I mean, if you’re old enough to get tattooed, you’re old enough to know the passions that certain symbols can incite.

So…… go forth, get your ink……..just choose wisely, my friends.  No one wants to end up like Evgeny. 

But....... the more I think about it, this could have been a good thing for Evgeny…… I had never heard of the dude before, although I am not exactly an opera groupie, and now he’s all over the news……..

Bad publicity is better than no publicity….. and all it cost him (that I’m aware of) was one gig.

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