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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day my friends!
I hope that you all have had a fantastic fireworks extravaganza!! And that there were no severed appendages, listeria, or drunkeness that resulted in puking, arrest or just uncomfortable embarrassment.

So, in honor of our country's 236th birthday, I'd like to show some adulation to patriotic tattoos.

I, personally, don't have any patriotic tattoos, they really aren't my style. It's not that I'm not patriotic. I love my country. I just can't see the red white and blue upon my skin. However, I do truly admire those that have the committment to do it.

I do believe that memorial tattoos made for fallen soldiers are some of the most hauntingly beautiful tattoos I've seen.

The Battlefield Cross puts a lump in my throat every time that I see one, whether it's in ink or the soldier's actual rifle/helmet/boot at a memorial service.

I found this image when googling battlefield crosses. It didn't credit the artist or the shop. I would love to know who the artist is, it's very detailed, great work.

This sick Lady Liberty was done by Josh Hibbard, Off the Map Tattoo, Easthampton, MA ( If I ever get to MA, I gotta look Josh up!

This kick ass Liberty Bell tattoo was done by Galen Luker of Petaluma, CA ( Love the detail, and the black and gray... looks so masculine.

Of course, the most eduring symbols of the Unites States of America are the flag and the bald eagle.... the two are combined in this tattoo...... It was done at Transcend Tattoo and Art Gallery by Anthony Plaza.(

So, I'll close by saying Happy 236th Birthday, Ms. United States of America! You don't look a day over 127!!

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