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Friday, July 20, 2012

Pass the drool bucket....

Today I’d like to feature some local Cincinnati area artists for your viewing pleasure.

First I present to you, Kore Flatmo…..
I must confess that as I admired his portfolio, I peed in my pants a little bit.

Beautiful, stunning, intricate….. I can’t even think of enough adjectives……

Kore’s website can be found here:
Check out the Tattoo section, his larger work is amazing! I am reminded of Horiyoshi III.  
Take your time and appreciate his portfolio….. it will be time well spent, grab a tissue for the drool.....
I am particularly mad about this one, I have a penchant for cannons....

Just enough color...

As I peruse the websites of Cincinnati tattoo shops, I have one complaint to the webmasters out there.... Sites without individual artists and their portfolios are useless to me!!
I was on the site of a shop, touted to be one of the 5 best in Cincinnati.  They had a gallery, ok, that's nice.  But nowhere did it even name their artists, let alone have individual portfolios.  AND, there wasn't even an email address anywhere on their site that I could write to and give them a little friendly advice.
It is 2012...... if a tattooee hasn't done some homework via the internets.... well, they are either not too serious or not too smart.
So, Cincinnati Tattoo & Piercing, please take TrippyBeth's advice.... work on that website!!!

And I must say this too...... NO TATTOO COUPONS!!! The thought of using a tattoo coupon makes me feel kind of dirty and cheap, like I'm getting inked at the Family Dollar Store.  And have you been in a dollar store lately? It doesn't exactly scream quality art work!
So, if you are chosing a shop, based on the fact that they offer a're not too smart.  Wait a little longer, save up the extra $20 bucks and go to a shop that has a quality reputation and doesn't need to lure tattooees in with coupons or gimmicks.  I just pulled up a tattoo artist's website, saw the dreaded tattoo coupon.... immediately backed out of it.....

**steps down from soapbox**

Next I am visiting Beelisitic’s Blood Money Tattoo…..
Sweet website…… I love the artists dorky photos **small round of applause**.

Those cats are cranking out some quality work, and a good rep for the art and the cleanliness of the shops….
Bee, himself.

Give their website a look, it’s easy to maneuver, but, sadly I can’t seem to copy any of the tattoo images to share with you…. So you’ll have to click on this link and look for yourself .

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