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Monday, October 1, 2012

Bicycles, Bourbon and Attention Whoring

Well, Monday hasn’t started out too bad.  When I arrived at the office, someone had made good (normal coffee) and there were donuts!!  I haven’t had a donut in FOREVER!  It almost satisfies my craving for cake, which I’ve had since August, almost…

And, my Jack White tickets arrived in my email box this morning! HELL YEA!!  I was a little nervous, I’d never ordered from Stub Hub before and they didn’t arrive on the day that they said that they would.  But, now I have them and I’m soooooooo psyched!!!  Not sure yet who I’m taking with me.  I don’t really have a romantical interest, so that doesn’t seem to be an option.  But I need to decide soon!

Now for the weekend round-up!!

Friday night I went bicycling with WR and MR.  We went up to the bike trail in Newtown at Bass Island.  It’s really a great flat trail.  The ride was plagued with technical difficulties though.  WR and MR were riding borrowed bikes, trying to determine if they want to become bicyclists or not before they invest in new bikes. 

This was a good idea.  However, the bikes that they were riding didn’t have gears.  For flat rides, it’s really not a huge issue.  The bike that MR was riding was the most craptastic bicycle I’ve ever ridden. 

The first issue with it was that MR is tall; it isn’t a bike for tall people.  We raised the seat and the handle bars as far as we could to make the riding more comfortable.  The handle bars kept sliding back down, we didn’t have any tools to tighten the bolt up.
So, after MR struggled with the handle bars and the uncomfortable position.  I offered to trade bikes.  I’m significantly shorter, so the handle bars at the lowest position really isn’t an issue for me.

Riding that bike was like riding through a river of molasses!  I don’t understand, it shouldn’t have been that hard, the road was FLAT.  I wouldn’t ride that bike if someone gave it to me, I wouldn’t ride it to the dump to throw it in!  No wonder MR was struggling so! 
So we only rode a few miles.  I let MR take my mountain bike home and try it out for a while.

Bicycles without gears are only good if it’s 1923 and you are wearing a seersucker suit and carrying a parasol. 

After the ride I treated them to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, we had a really great time.
I LOVE margaritas, lime margaritas with salt on the rim.  Who like sugar on the rim??? GAG

Saturday morning C and I took his kiddos to the Race for the Cure at the Red’s stadium.  We didn’t RACE, but participated in the Family Walk.  We had a great time walking, and then walked around the city, down by the river and back across the Purple People Bridge to Newport.  Finished the morning off with brunch at the Pepper Pod in Newport and checked out a couple of thrift stores.  I didn’t buy one thing! Very unusual for me!

Saturday night I went to Chez Nora with T for dinner.  I love the rooftop deck.  I had never been up there before, I’ve only had drinks downstairs at their bar.  I had some yummy bbq beef brisket, a veggie medley and mashed potatoes!
My Saturday night look.  I wanted to show off my super cute hairband, but it didn't photograph too well.

After dinner we headed up to The Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar, still my favorite bar!
The last sip of my Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon.  I need some of those glasses for my party glass collection.

The, as of yet, unnamed drink that Josh whipped up.  I, of course, suggested naming it "The Cy".  He did say that if I drank enough of them, he'd name it after me!

All the bartenders said “HI” when I walked in “Hey, you haven’t been here for a while!”  It DOES feel like Cheers!!!
T asked “Are you a regular here?”
Actually, I’m not a regular anywhere.  I just don’t blend in I guess. 

“Yea I can tell that you like attention” T said.

Uuuuummmmm WHAT?!?!

I don’t think that I like attention any more than anyone else.  T back peddled a little bit, but still totally meant it, I could tell.

I did suggest to Josh, one of the bartenders, that they should have a singles night, with an informal bourbon tasting and a simple mixology class.  I think it would be a great idea!  Maybe I’ll email that idea to them on Facebook as well…
There aren’t enough singles activities.  Except for the occasional POF dance and I’ll never attend one of those again… UG!!
And with a singles function at OKBB, even if I wasn’t interested in any guys, there would still be BOURBON!!

Sunday, I was a slug.

I did laundry, napped and cleaned out a closet.  I finally got C to get his stuff out of my closet on Sunday.  So I actually accomplished something even though I was a slug!!

I was also consumed with thoughts of my next tattoo yesterday.  So I spent some time researching symbols that I'm interested in.  I want to get in on my inner arm, right below the antecubital space.  More to come on this...

And now…. It’s Monday again!!

One week until Jack White!! I'm so psyched, I can hardly stand myself!!!!

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