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Monday, October 29, 2012

Cocktails, Pizza and Wagers Won!

Happy Monday my friends… wow, what a weekend!

I am beat down and a little sick today.  Glad that the plague waited until Sunday night to attack me.

So now, for the weekend round up…

Friday night I hit Mainstrasse.  The first stop was OKBB, of course.  I enjoyed a Woodford, as always and a Dragon’s Milk Ale.  This stout was so amazingly delicious… I can’t say enough good things about it, smooth, with a hint of sweetness and the taste of bourbon tickling your palate at the end, totally worth the $12 a snifter full.  And at 10% alcohol, you won’t have to buy too many of the pricy glasses!

Since OKBB was getting pretty packed we ventured up to The Wiseguy Lounge, which is located speakeasy-ishly above Goodfella’s Pizza ( we grabbed a slice and headed up, I have to say that the spinach artichoke pizza was pretty tasty, even though I don't like to eat too much if it's a cocktail night. The lounge is an intimate size, brick walls, leather sofas and (not my preference) two big screen TVs on the wall.  They did have a nice selection of craft beers on tap and a nice menu of cocktails.
The bartenders conjure their libation creations with much flourish, tossing around cocktail shakers, lighting things on fire, etc… it’s entertaining to watch.
I bellied up to the bar and asked the bartender to make a recommendation.  He attempted to point me to the drink menu, but I prefer to first try what they say is their signature drink.  He recommended the Old Fashioned.  I commented that I was a fan of the Old Fashioned. “This is different” he replied.
Hhhhhmmmm, I’m usually not a huge fan of altering the classics, but I chose it just the same.  The only real alteration in the drink was the fact that they briefly scorch the orange peel with the flame from a Bic lighter.  I can’t say that it added a lot to the drink, it was a solid Old Fashioned.  You could taste a hint of the sear at the end, all in all, a good drink.

There were foosball games playing on the big screens.  I have to make it known that I know NOTHING about football, truly.  We settled in on the leather sofas across from another sofa occupied by some football fans.  They quickly asked us who we were rooting for in the game.  I first had to ask who was even playing.
“UC and Louisville.”
I replied “Since I’m a KY girl, I have to go with Louisville.”
Well this prompted the UC fans to give me shit. 

It’s ok, I can take some shit.

I bet one fan that Louisville would win, he agreed, the wager was a drink.

I didn’t even really watch the game, what good would it do me when I don’t even understand anyway?
The game tied, it went into overtime.


Yep, you got it LOUISVILLE!!!

So I received a free Manhattan out of the deal!!
The Manhattan!

Me and the loser, who was a great sport!
My hair looks so terrible because I had to wear a rain hat, the rest of me I have no excuse for.

I never win anything; it was a nice change of pace.

I saw one interesting tattoo, so I approached the girl wearing it to ask her what it meant.

The tattoo belonged to the lovely Stephanie and it was based on an illustration from the children’s book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  The story is based on a young boys relationship to a tree, and the tree giving him all of the things that he needs at different times in his life.  At the end of the story, all the boy needs is a place to sit and read and the tree provides the stump on which to do so.

While I do not think that all tattoos have to have any significant meaning behind them, the beauty can definitely be enough, it’s nice to see a thought out tattoo with significance to the owner.

Halloween round-up to come in addition posting!

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