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Friday, October 26, 2012

Dreams, Bourbon and Halloween Ass

Thank jeebus, it’s Friday!

I know, I know… wishing my life away.  But I’ve come to accept that, it is my way.

I seldom ever remember my dreams.  I must dream, I have to, right?  I do think I suffer from a lack of REM sleep due to my insomnia, so I probably don’t have A LOT of dreams.  But once every few months I’ll have a dream that I actually recall.
The last one I dreamt that my Grandfather (who’s been gone 11 years) was helping me unpack boxes in a basement.  I kept trying to throw stuff away, saying that I didn’t need it.  But he kept telling me to keep it because I might need it someday.  That was totally out of character for him.
I tried self-analyzing the dream.  Maybe there is something that I am dismissing in my life that I shouldn’t be?  I never really came to any self-awareness regarding the dream…
So, back to last night… I dreamt that I drove to a little country store that was high on a hill above the road.  I was driving a Taurus that I had, like, 12 years ago.  I had my cat, Lucy, with me.  I took her in the store with me… AND I LOST HER!  It was bizarre, I took her in without a leash or anything.  So, I wonder what this dream means? Have I lost something? Should I be careful NOT TO lose something? OR… was it just the German beer and sausage talking to me?
Lucy and I.

I used to have night terrors.  Occasionally as a child and also as an adult.  I remember once dreaming that I was on a train (I’ve never been on a train outside of an amusement park).  And the train went careening over a cliff.  So, like in a movie, half of the train was dangling over the cliff and the rest was still on the track.  I happened to be in the half of the train that was dangling.  In the dream, I start to climb up, over the seats and out of the train.  In real life, I was crawling toward the foot of the bed.
I awoke when I landed elbow-first on the hardwood floor.  It hurt like a motherfucker and was extremely disorienting.  It took me a few minutes to realize I was no longer on a train and, in fact, in my bedroom.
Several other times my nightmares were filled with murderous pursuers who would chase me until I’d tell myself “Who am I kidding? I’m not fast.”  And I’d choose to fight them in the dream.  In actuality, I’d get out of the bed and act out the battle at my bedside.  Kicking random pieces of furniture, breaking lamps, seriously bruising the shit out of my feet…
I would sleep walk from time to time as a child.  Waking up in different parts of the house, be slightly confused and just go back to bed.
I’m not sure if all of this points to just a sleeping disorder or possibly a mental disorder.  I haven’t had either the night terrors or the sleep walking for a few years.  I’m pretty sure the last round of night terrors were stress induced, and I don’t have that stress anymore… YAY!
Now, if I could just sleep…
The valerian and melatonin sometimes helps me drift off…but within 2 hours I’m back awake.  It fucking sucks.
This weekend looks to be a busy one!
Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar tonight…mmmmmmmmm… it’s going to be chilly, so bourbon will be the perfect antidote.  I may tutor someone in the joys of bourbon… I like sharing the love…I’m a giver… give, give, give.  Maybe, I’ll tell Josh about The Cy prototype.  C had one last week and was surprised at how tasty and not-too-sweet it was.  I may be on to something.
Tomorrow night… Halloween Pub Crawl!  I can’t wait to dress up!!!  I still need to get some denture adhesive (for my fangs) and some fishnet stockings.  The plan is to start out at OKBB tomorrow night too, but I have yet to go to the WiseGuy Lounge, which supposedly also has a nice bourbon selection and they make craft cocktails.  So, maybe we will try that place out.  I think the official Crawl starts at Cock-N-Balls (Cock-N-Bull for the layperson) but that place is always so packed on weekends anyway, not sure I can tolerate the claustrophobia-inducing crowd.  So we shall see if we actually participate in the “Crawl” proper.
Here are a couple of photos from last year. 

This elderly gentleman was offering free breast exams, unfortunately, I'd already had mine.

This is a REAL ass, we thought it was fake, until we got down there.  It appeared to be surprisingly smooth, and dude was quite proud of it!
The theme was Career Zombies.  I wanted to be a police officer zombie but waited too late to buy a costume, so I was a body guard zombie, which looked a lot like a police officer zombie.  Oh and a slutty one to boot.  When we walked out of the first bar last year, a dude sitting at a table on the sidewalk said “There’s a slutty LA cop!”
I was all “Hell yea! I NAILED it!”
On Monday, hopefully, I will entertain you with Halloween photos and tales of debauchery!!
Have a great Halloween weekend my friends, I certainly intend to!!!
And, finally, a White Stripes video in honor of the season, Little Ghost.

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