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Monday, October 1, 2012

Rough Sex and Dating Convictions

As I was perusing blogs, as I do from time to time, I discovered that the dating site OK Cupid (OKC) has a blog (  The blog mostly looks at the site statistically.  This is really interesting.  So, I’ll discuss a couple of things that I found compelling.

#1  Rough Sex

It seems that they took data from 67,990 members.  For those of you that aren’t familiar, there are hundreds of questions to answer on OKC, they use your answers to help find your best match based on statistics.  They give you your resulting percentages Match %, Friend % and Enemy %.

These results seem extremely stereotypical. 
Pierced + Tattooed = rough sex
Church + Crafts = gentle sex

It looks like the only 2 words that are most common amongst the male and female rough sex aficionados are “bored” and “tattoos”.
Interestingly, the only common word among the gentle sex male and females is “boating”…  That just tickles me for some reason.

And the “tattoo” thing reinforces stereotypes that I have to deal with as a tattooed woman (or an “illustrated woman” as I was recently described).  Sleeping with someone on the first date, or even the second, isn’t exactly my thing.  Which I’ve mentioned before.  Of course, that’s often resulted in no second date, which is fine, it’s just a weeding out process I suppose.

It’s probably pretty accurate, but I’m sure there are some church ladies out there that are freaks.

So, according to this, I would be among the “rough sex” population.  It makes me wonder if everyone answers the questions truthfully.  I’m sure some people answer the questions based on what they think other people want to hear.
I’ve answered all of the questions completely honestly.  I am serious about finding someone, not answering truthfully would just defeat my purpose.

Would you consider sleeping with someone on the first date?

This particular statistic only compares whether or not someone likes beer and whether or not they would consider sleeping with someone on the first date.
Apparently those of us that love beer are pretty slutty! 

What goes better with beer than… SEX?!?!?!  I mean, it’s like bacon, it makes everything better!!

I wonder how the bourbon lovers stack up?  They’re probably doing it in the men’s room at the restaurant where they’ve met!

Wait a minute… I’m a bourbon lover… I’ve yet to do it in a men’s room!

Of course, this doesn’t analyze whether or not these folks have GOOD taste in beer.  I mean, if these people like the taste of Bud Light, then these statistical results are moot. 

And a lot of the questions on OKC don’t give the option of the answer that I’d actually give.  So, either I skip the question or chose the answers that’s the closest to what I’d say.  I’m sure that I’m not alone in this, so this decreases the statistical accuracy of any of their queries.

I’m also curious if my profile has been used to gather information for them?  I suppose they only contact you if they want to use your photos, which they’ve never done.  I guess I’m not one of the “most attractive” haha.  But, like I’ve stated in the past, I’ll never be the movie heroine, I’m strictly a quirky gal-pal.

I found this when I Googled “gal pal”!  Doesn’t apply to me, but I love it!

First date question “Is my date religious?”
See if they’ve answered the question “Do spelling and grammar mistakes annoy you.”
Statistically, the people that answer “No” to that question are mostly religious.
Not surprisingly, I answered yes.
So many Christians, while not tolerant of sexuality, abortion etc… don’t give a fuck if you use the wrong they’re, their or there.  For some reason, I’m not surprised.

It seems that Christian dudes don’t routinely message me, if they do, I usually just message them back and tell them that I’m not religious and that we probably wouldn’t work out.  They usually reply saying something like “Well, that’s ok, we could still go out.”
Now, I can respect that you’re a Christian, to each his own.  Just be strong in your convictions for fuck’s sake! You wouldn't want to date a heathen like me!!!

Speaking of Christianity, there seems to be a disproportionate number of blogs that are Jesus-based.  Which sort of surprises me.  There are very few (that I can find) dating or tattoo blogs, but if you want to read some Bible verses, blogs are the way to go! Maybe they could even save a wicked soul like mine!

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