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Monday, October 22, 2012

Cemetery Girl Strikes Again!

Wow! Yesterday was a fabulously beautiful day in the Ohtucky!!

I haven’t taken any photos for a while, so after a little urging by a friend (thank you Mary) I headed out to Linden Grove Cemetery ( the oldest surviving cemetery in Covington.  It is quite lovely and peaceful, but most cemeteries are really.  I was lucky enough to be the only person there, aside from the residents, of course.

I walked over almost all of it, taking photos, some of which were good, others, meh.  It was nearly noon, so the sun was not too cooperative as it tends to be.  The most random shots turned out to be the best.

I even stretched out under a tree for a little while, letting the peace of the place wash over me...
The Cemetery Girl in her repose.

The view from the ground.

The following photos are from Linden Grove:
Hmmmmm, keeping someone OUT? Or Keeping SOMETHING in?

I especially like how I accidentally got my shadow in this shot, however, I wish that I had not gotten my car in it.

After Linden Grove, I headed over to Spring Grove Cemetery.  To say that I am enamored with this place would be an understatement.  Of course, everyone in the tri-state area loves it, and why wouldn’t they??  The views are breathtakingly beautiful.

The following photos are from Spring Grove Cemetery:

The Dexter Mausoleum, built for a whiskey barron, PERFECT.

I love the light in this shot, but i really want to get back when the leaves are gone and the sun isn't so high in the sky, so that I can get a good photo of the mausoleum in it's entirety.

Gothic architecture has to be my absolute favorite.
Can you imagine spending eternity here??


Vigilarius said...

Great photos, TB. (Your hat's nice, too.) :)

TrippyBeth said...

I'm totally a hat girl!