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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween, Why Do You Only Come Once a Year?

I have fallen woefully behind on my blogging, my friends.  I have been stricken with some sort of plague over the last few days.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that there was a scourge making it’s rounds here at the office… despite the fact that I fumigated everyone’s work stations, I was unfortunate enough to pick it up anyway.

Fuckity fuck fuck.

So I’ve missed the last 2 days of work with fever, joint pains, body aches, headaches and just basically feeling like whale shit.  GO ME!

There are some things that I notice when I’m sick, the first, is that it sucks ass to be sick and alone.  A tiny bit of pity and some food would have gone a long way toward my recovery.  However, I survived without TLC…

What doesn’t kill you… (makes you wish you were dead).
Or this....

I digress… another thing that I noticed is the piss poor TV programming.  I mean, what the actual fuck?  Who are the program folks pandering to exactly?  Does EVERYONE have a talk show?  I thought it was 1995 for a minute, Ricki Lake is back? Really?  The Survivor dude has a talk show, Katie Couric (her face really weirds me out) and several other people I’ve never heard of, are all out there imparting their wisdom on the masses.

One would think that with cable TV and all the stations that are available, a person would be able to find one program worth watching, right?  Yesterday afternoon, I finally found Shaun of the Dead and watched it AGAIN, I’m not really complaining about that I love Shaun of the Dead.  It was Halloween though; there should have been more good movies on. 

Then last night at 10p I watched American Horror Story, which is beautifully fucked up again this year.  But, I am not sure I like the alien thread running through the story.
I’m just not a big fan of aliens as a rule.  I did like the movie Super 8, but it was more about the response to the alien than about the alien itself.  I quite liked that movie.

I promised a Halloween debauchery posting, sorry it’s taken so many days to make it happen!!

My costume was a Parisian Showgirl, which was cute, however, not scary.  So I added a set of vampire fangs and make up.

I particularly liked stopping in the convenience store on the way to Mainstrasse, being the only ones in costume.
I am a big fan of the fangs.  They fit so nicely and were quite authentic looking.  I am carrying them in my purse now, just in case a need arises. 

When some old lady starts giving me the stink eye in the Kroger, I’m gonna nimbly slip them on, turn around to face her and give her a smile… like this one.

That should take care of that!

We started the Halloween festivities at the OKBB, of course, and since I was pacing myself I started with a Dragon’s Milk Ale (which I called Dragon’s Blood, I suppose I already had blood on my brain, even before I’d bitten my first victim).  Of course at 10% alcohol Dragon’s Milk isn’t for amateurs.  We were the only ones in costume there as well, and again, I liked it.

We finished our drinks there and headed across the street to see what we could see.

We went into the Up Over, and Ball and Biscuit was playing!!!!  I do love my fellow White Stripes fans… I put a few dollars in the juke box/giant iPod thingy and kept the groove going.

When we left the Up Over, I ran into my leader!!

Next stop was the WiseGuy Lounge.  The previous night I had an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan, this night I decided to peruse the menu a little bit.  The drink that really jumped off the page and slapped me in the face was The Tommy Gun.  Ginger beer, cucumber… mmmmmm I had to have one.

The Tommy Gun did not disappoint! It was DELISH!  I love cucumber and combined with the sweet syrup and the ginger… it was a great combo.

Another drink that we tried was the Baby Face  which had gin, ginger, rhubarb… it was damn tasty as well… even though it was served in a bitch glass.  And it had a cucumber garnish!!

After we procured our libations, we headed out on the back balcony, which is super nice and sits above a patio on the ground level.  While out there, I ran in to one of my own kind.

There was also a FIRE EATER there, TrippyBeth loves some fire, whether curled up next to one, my dinner being lit afire at my table, drink ingredients being burnt, whatever, I’m down with it!  When I was a little girl all of the grown ups would say that if I played with fire, I’d pee the bed… 


And the fire eater happened to be one of the bartenders!!  He’s definitely a multi-talented dude!

There were not many blood fiends out Saturday night.  There were tons of really great zombies though, it was officially a Zombie Pub Crawl, although we didn’t participate in the crawl proper.

Then we hopped across the street to Cosmos, they had a band and I needed to shake-what-my-mama-gave-me!
The band Cherry On Top was playing, 80s covers, we danced a couple of dances with the ghoulish crowd.
Cherry on Top

Later on the sidewalk, I ran into the lead singer, who was gracious enough to donate a little blood to the cause.  And DAMN he smelled GOOD!

I also spotted a molester van.
“Van candy is the best candy” a shout out to JG!

We finished our unofficial crawling at OKBB where I was able to drain one of my fav bartenders..

Our last stop, before I went home and crashed face-first in my bed, still wearing my costume, was Anchor Grill for some drunk dining!  I had pancakes (my favorite) and some yummy salty country ham. 

There was an old dude sitting across from me who said he liked my tattoos, I said thank you.  Then he said he liked my costume, I said than you again.  Then, I think he said he liked my boobs.  Again, I said thank you, I’m not a heathen.

I love Halloween… so much more fun that Christmas or New Years even… It’s too damn bad that we have to wait an entire year for another one.

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