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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Flaws...

Good morning… it’s Friday my friends… I am beyond ready for it!

TrippyBeth woke up today with a migraine…major bummer.  Hopefully it will abate and I will be able to carry on with my plans for the weekend.  At this point it is not looking good.  I am, however, at work.  Dedication can be so tiring at times.

I did go to the Black Stone Cherry concert last night.  Those Kentucky boys put on a good show.

Black Stone Cherry on the stage at The Madison.

Three things that I really love about them, aside from their music are: 
1) The drummer’s name is John Fred, how awesome is that??  And he has fantastic drummer hair; all drummers should have a long wild outta control mane.  It should be a state law.
Once, a couple of years ago I went to the Mad Hatter, which used to be in Covington, to see my boys Taddy Porter. 

My friend DW dubbed this photo Titty Porter.

The Mad Hatter was one of the biggest shit holes I have ever been in. One almost expected to look around and see a used condom on the floor or a syringe.  I’ll go pretty much anywhere to see Taddy Porter though, so I suffered through.  If you’re not familiar, do yourself a favor and check them out,  Bluesy rock. Good stuff.
The lead singer, Andy Brewer, is totally cool and posed for a photo op with Cy.

Andy Brewer and Cy Press.

Anyway, one of the forty-eleven opening bands had the biggest drummer I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, the dude was 500# and that is a conservative estimate.  He didn’t have awesome drummer hair, but he beat the hell outta those drums.  The entire time they played we kept saying “That’s the biggest drummer I’ve ever seen.”
2) The lead singer is all tattooed up, yet has a hair cut like an accountant.
3) They are from KY; the aforementioned drummer is actually the son of one of the members of the Kentucky Headhunters.  I dig a legacy.

I was disappointed that there wasn’t a bigger crowd, the tickets were cheap and those boys rock it.  I think the slim crowds at the recent shows I’ve been to there are a result of poor marketing on the part of the Madison Theater.  Don’t get me wrong, FOR ME a modest crowd is good, I can get closer to the stage, if I choose, and don’t get pushed around or elbowed in the head. 
But I’m all about the bands that I love being successful.  Which means BIG audiences.  So step it up Madison Theater!  Get folks in to see these guys!!

One the dating forefront….

I am cautiously optimistic!  We shall see how things work out.

As I perused dating profiles a while back, I read one where the gentleman had asked 2 women that were close to him, how they would describe him if they were trying to set him up with someone.  Brilliant idea.  He also said that if they had said anything negative, then he would know what to work on.

So I posed the question to 3 of my best guy friends.  As of today, only JG has completed the task.

As a rule, I am self-deprecating, that’s just how I roll.  It’s actually hard for me to hear good things about myself.  I have a difficult time seeing myself through the eyes of others.  I’d venture to guess that I’m not the only one who feels like that.  I generally only see the negative.  When I look in the mirror, I see the ugly, but I’m trying hard to overcome this.  Positive begets positive, right???

I once created a dating profile only outlining the negative things about myself.  I did this strictly as an anthropological experiment.  In my head, I was sure that no one would respond to it.


I got more email that you could shake a stick at.  I didn’t leave the profile up very long, nor did I meet anyone. It was eye opening.
I’m not sure if men are more attracted to a fucked up girl, or if it was strictly the honesty that made them feel compelled to reply.  Maybe it was both.  A lot of the replies were men describing how they were damaged themselves.  It is freeing to lay it all out there and if you think someone is equally or comparably fucked up you feel like you’re safer.  

I’m open about most of my flaws, last night I said “I’m bad at math; I’m not good with money.  But there are some things that I know, like beer and bourbon.”  I actually do know more than that and less than that.

I did have a friend tell me that he thinks I’m afraid to be happy.  I think he’s wrong.  I want to be happy; I’m just not going to settle for something that I don’t feel is right.  This same friend also compared my dating life to a Seinfeld episode.  Thanks SL.  I guess what bugs me about that analogy is that he’s right.  There was the tickler, too much cologne guy, the toucher, the ravenous wolverine… I could go on and on…  I’m still looking for the dude with lady-hands, I just want to go out with him once, and get a photo with his hand on my boob, so my boob will look really big!

I may head back home for a visit this weekend….  Aaahhhh the country… like JG said, I’m a country girl at heart, but I can’t see myself ever returning, it’s just not me anymore.  And I’m more me now than I’ve ever been!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you back here on Monday!


Anonymous said...

"More me now than I've ever been." That says a whole lot. It's pretty deep.

TrippyBeth said...

Thanks darlin!!