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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Movies, Brie and Ukuleles

Humpety Hump Hump…….. Happy Wednesday!!

I hope that you’re not as sleepy as I am this morning…. I am not a morning person.

Last night was fun!!

The movie, Ruby Sparks, was GREAT!  It was the first movie that I’ve been to in years where I didn’t feel compelled to check my messages during the film!  I put my phone in my purse when the previews started and didn’t even think once about getting it back out, that NEVER happens.

**Spoiler Alert**

The movie was about a young writer, Calvin Weir-Fields, who had written a New York Times best selling novel, 10 years prior.  In the opening of the film, we see Calvin struggling with writers block.  Paul Dano, the actor portraying Calvin, made the character’s frustration palpable to the audience.  I know what it feels like to sit in front of the computer, staring at the screen, with my imagination stuck firmly in neutral.  Interestingly, Calvin used a typewriter not a laptop, and not even an electric typewriter at that!  I couldn’t pound out much on a manual typewriter, but I do like to handwrite when I have the time.  So, I suppose I can relate.

Maybe some of the reason I was sucked in by this movie is because the protagonist is a writer and wholly unsuccessful at dating.  Sound like anyone else you know?

His brother, Harry (brilliantly played by Chris Messina), urges him to go out, get laid, but that’s not for Calvin.

We see Calvin at his therapist’s office.  His therapist, Elliot Gould, gives him a writing assignment.  One page.  “Can it be bad?” Calvin asks.

Fast forward to Calvin asleep, he dreams of a beautiful red haired girl, who likes his weird little dog, Scotty.  He is so enamored with her, that when he awakes, he sprints up the steps to his study and begins madly writing.  Page after page, he can’t stop.  He is writing the story of Ruby, Ruby Sparks, the girl of his dreams.

Calvin tells his therapist that he fears he is falling in love with the fictional character that he has created.  Oddly, the therapist seems to encourage it.  This seems counterproductive to helping Calvin overcome his obvious social issues.

One morning Calvin oversleeps, going downstairs to find Ruby Sparks, in the flesh, in his kitchen.  Dano’s freak out performance was fantastic, funny and endearing.

Once he discovers that he isn’t the only one that can see Ruby, he begins to realize that she is just what he had written and that with a few strokes of his typewriter keys, he can alter her behavior, her personality even.
But, he loves her and vows to not write about Ruby anymore.

When Ruby starts becoming her own woman, not strictly Calvin’s fantasy, he is unable to deal with it.  He starts to write her again.  Yet, she doesn’t turn out quite like he wants her to…… much like Frankenstein’s monster…. Although Ruby doesn’t wander through the forest murdering peasants.  Which would make for an interesting movie as well……

The movie climaxes as Calvin proves to Ruby that he can control her with his words… a disturbing and heartbreaking scene, I found myself disliking Calvin at this point, yet I knew it had to be a means to an end.

He releases Ruby with his words.

The movie goes on to show that Calvin’s success had returned to him, with his newest work “The Girlfriend”.

The very last scene was a little predictable, to me.  It shows Calvin walking Scotty in the park, Scotty runs over to a girl lying on a blanket reading.  A girl with red hair.  You got it, it’s Ruby.  But she doesn’t recognize Calvin except from the photo on the jacket of the book she was reading, “The Girlfriend”. 

The end was a little too rom-com-ish to me, especially when the rest of it was so beautifully odd.  Regardless of that, it was one of the most enjoyable movies I’ve seen in some time.

After the movie, CC and I ambled next door to Sitwell’s.  Where we were entertained by a wonderfully quirky ukulele player.  I actually saw a flamenco guitar player friend of mine.  I seldom fail to see someone I know when out and about in the Ohtucky.

As the ukulele-ist serenaded us, I had a Parisian coffee which was made with coffee (duh), cognac, Grand Marnier and Kahlua……YUMMY!
And for my late supper, I had the Briemato, which was melted brie on a croissant with olive oil, basil, greens and roma tomatoes….. OMG, soooooo delish!
The Parisian

The Briematto

As CC and I sat there enjoying the nom-noms, we discussed dating.  CC is much more introspective than I am and could verbalize what he will be looking for when he actually begins to actively search. 

I’m not sure that I can do that.

We all know I have a long list of deal breakers.  I know some qualities I want in a man, but there is no look, specifically, that I am looking for.  Maybe if I visualize what I want, I can make it happen…… not in a creepy Calvin-Ruby sort of way though….. in a normal, grown up self aware sort of way.

TrippyBeth growing up???

It could happen………..

If I stay home tonight, that will be the assignment I’m giving myself.  Outline what I think I need in a relationship/man.

I hate homework… loved school, just not the homework.

Right now I'd love a nap.............


Vigilarius said...

Wow, you lead such an amazing life! Much more exciting than mine; I mean, how many people have a flamenco guitar player friend?

I've been thinking of possibly restarting my dating life but women are frightening and confusing creatures; sometimes I think it's best to keep my distance from them! ;)

TrippyBeth said...

not all women are frightening and confusing!!
i don't think i am, of course i have been unsuccesful in finding anyone, so there has to be something wrong, right?

my life really isn't amazing, i mean if anyone documented their life in the way that i do, it would sound more amazing, probably, than it really is.

the first time i ever ate escargo was with my flamenco guitar player friend... he's perfectly british with a spanish name.... super interesting guy.

i had said i was going to OKBB tonight, but i'm tired. i may actually stay home and work on my list!!

Vigilarius said...

I know not all women are frightening and confusing; sometimes my bad experiences with the opposite sex tends to cloud my opinion. I have a few stories, mostly about young ladies who seem fine at first but turn out to be quite the handful and not in a good way. This video sort of sums up mu attitude at the moment:

(NSFW, I should warn you.)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.