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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do Not Feed The Animals

I do not like being touched. 

I like to maintain my personal space, unless, of course, I’m in an intimate situation.  I do not like being touched by strangers, acquaintances or even some people that I know well.  Now, if I love someone, I will hug them.  That’s just me.
I will, generally, take a step back if I feel that some touching is about to take place.

This morning, I was caught off my guard.

I was at the only copy machine that we have in our office (I won’t go in to the ridiculousness of that fact at this time).  Making my copies and humming a little Moreland & Arbuckle (I’m in a good mood, it’s Tattuesday!).

One of the women in the office, KN, walks up to me and can see the butterfly and peach blossom tattoo peeking out from underneath my shirtsleeve.  She immediately reaches out and lifts my sleeve “Is that new? I’ve never seen it before.”
“No” I reply, wanting to step away, yet there is no place to retreat to.
She rubs her finger across the tattoo then asks “Can I touch it?”
Why ask? You’re already touching it for fuck’s sake!

I retrieve my copies from the machine, step around her and walk away.  It took every bit of restraint that I could muster to keep from smacking her hand away.

What in the holy hell makes people feel like they are entitled to touch a person?
Maybe I should wear one of these t-shirts.

Just because I wear art on my skin doesn’t mean that it’s an invitation to touch me.  They don’t let you touch the Renoirs at the museum do they? Uuummm no they don’t, so, HANDS OFF!!

I don’t even understand the compulsion to touch someone like that.  Is it because it’s different? Unusual?
If KN had a big hairy mole on her face or a third arm growing out of her back, I would not feel compelled to touch either of those. And those would definitely be different and unusual things!  Would she walk up and touch Joseph Merrick’s giant elephant man foot? I think not.

This is not the TrippyBeth freak show.  I'd rather people treat me like one of the lions at the zoo, it's ok to look, but never to touch.

As I mentioned earlier, today is Tattuesday! I’m so psyched!
After work I will journey to Dayton, up I-75, amid the rush hour traffic, dodging the orange barrels, swearing, it will be awesome.
Not the drive, mind you, I HATE driving.  But the ink therapy will definitely be awesome.

Last night, I had dinner with my 2 best chicas at Carrabba’s.  I had one of the best sangrias I think I’ve ever had, it was blackberry and definitely yummy.  Ok, maybe I had two of them, but who’s counting?  And I had the yummy mashed potatoes, I love their mashed potatoes mmmhhhhmmmm.

Blackberry sangria at Carrabba's

Ok, nose back to the grindstone!
Have a great remainder of your Tattuesday!!!

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