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Monday, August 20, 2012

Moday Musings...

Aahhhh Monday, you have returned to torment the world……. But, once again, I have arrived at work unscathed… ready to do battle!  Ok, the battle part might be a little extreme; TrippyBeth is a lover, not a fighter.

While at home last night, I had oodles of great ideas to blog about.

I was also lazy last night.  So no blogging happened, obviously, but I did make some notes, notes which really don’t make any sense this morning.  Maybe, after I ingest more caffeine, things will start to come together.

Have you ever done the “make notes about your dream when you wake up” thing?  You know, when you wake up after a particularly memorable dream, you grab up the notebook you have on your nightstand, and jot down all the high points, then return to a peaceful slumber.
I’ve done this a few times.  What I have learned from this is that it is pointless to make notes in the middle of the night.  They end up looking like some bizarre hieroglyphics, which have not been interpreted my modern man.
Maybe I should try making voice notes…. That should be hilarious.
I very seldom have dreams that I remember anyway, unless they are night terrors.  Night terrors I remember every detail of.  Those have almost completely disappeared from my sandman time.  It’s amazing what removing certain drama from your life can accomplish.

This morning, as I was valiantly trying to get ready to arrive at work on time, I perused my Facebook newsfeed.  In the mornings, it seems to be filled with inspirational messages and quotes. 

I’m sure that there is someone who had gotten out of bed on Monday morning thinking to themselves “Fuck this, I can’t take one more day” walks over to the window, opens it and climbs out onto the ledge. 
“Well, let me check my Facebook first.”  They pull out their smart phone, open it to look at their newsfeed.  Pigeons peck around at their feet as they stand on the ledge, phone in hand, finger scrolling through their feed.
“Wait a minute!! I am supposed to be the best ME I can be today!! I never thought of that!” 
Climbs back through the window. 
“Thank you, Joe Schmo, for copying and pasting that inspirational status, you saved my life.”


Uuuuuummmmmm NO, I can guarantee that it does not.  Do statuses like that just make the people posting them feel better about themselves? I don’t know….

I digress….

As I looked at Facebook, I realize something; I am almost the female GoodLuck Chuck.  There are several guys that I have dated that are now in real relationships.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them.  There are reasons that I’m no longer with them.  I’m cool with that.  I generally remain friends with guys I’ve dated.  I am not a bridge burner. 

Sometimes, I even wind up giving relationship advice to guys I’ve dated.  Which seems to me like it’s a poor choice on their part.  I am undoubtedly no relationship expert.  One would think that someone who had dated me would know that better than anyone.  However, I am a woman and. if you’ve been reading this blog you are aware of the fact that, I always have an opinion.  So I try to help when I can, giving them little clues into the female psyche.  I am still not sure how helpful I am, but dammit, I try!

On Saturday I had a super productive thrift store jaunt!! I got: 2 skirts, 14 shirts, 1 pr sequin pants, 6 capris, 1 dress, 1 pr pants, 2 vests, 2 purses, 1 tote bag, some wall art, a few glasses, a cocktail sharker, a microwave for my friend GC and a wine rack for my friend DH!  Saturday is half off day at the Goodwill, so I really scored!

The sequin pants and shiny skirt are for sequin theme night, which still needs a cooler name.

Some of the art.
  The piece in the center is a photograph of Cincinnati from Covington, awesome find if I do say so myself!

The wine rack I picked up for DH, that I now want.

My thrift store party glass collection.  Now I need to have a party!

I also went back home over the weekend.  It was a very nice visit.  I get back every couple of months.  I was last back for Father’s Day and a graduation party for the son of a friend.  My home town/county was a great place to grow up.  But I can honestly say that I never want to go back there to live.  There are not many girls there that look like me, I don’t really fit in anymore.  But that’s ok.  For now, my life is here in the Cincinnati/NKY area…. Who knows what the future will bring? But a return back home is highly unlikely.

I had a friend say to me “Home is where you make it”  I don’t agree.  I don’t feel at home where I live now.  I’m comfortable, I like my place but it’s still not home. 

My quest to find home continues….

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