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Friday, January 4, 2013

Do You Miss Me?

Ok before I write anything of any consequence, I have to say that I fucking hate Blogger for iPhone... I lost an entire post!!

Now I feel better.

I am still on vacation, currently in South Georgia, where it's been a little chilly, but nothing like dealing with the cold, snow and muck in the Ohtucky!
I am a little homesick though, I know... Crazy girl!

I am a little obsessive before I travel. It has nothing to do with flying, that doesn't bother me, it's just this weird obsessive fear of forgetting something.
Like my rent, or various crap that could easily be purchased in any city.
Before we departed I mentally...
Ok OUT LOUD... Reviewed my lists.
Ben said "You ARE weird before you travel".
I warned him.

I get down here and I've forgotten the power cord to the notebook.


So... I've not done anything productive. I've not written a single word (until this post) and I haven't really taken any interesting photos.
However, I have read 4 books so far and drank a considerable amount of wine, beer and rum. I've shopped a little, slept alot. But I'm about done being lazy.

I hear the real world calling me home...

Ok I don't know how to caption a photo from the iPhone...
Pic 1 - tank top weather
Pic 2 - new hat (one of 2)
Pic 3 - Daytona sun
Pic 4 - the day I left
Pic 5 - lazy vaca trippybeth


Vigilarius said...

Woohoo, an update! Glad you're having a good time on your vacation, but it'll be nice when you return as I think I'm going through TB withdrawal. ;)

(Great photos, by the way. Cute as a proverbial button!)

TrippyBeth said...

It is absolutely lovely to be missed... Truly.
I am ready to brave the cold back in the Ohtucky though!
And, as always, Vigilarius, you've made me blush!
(This is the third time I've tried to most this comment!)