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Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy HoHoHolidays!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hope that everyone else is off work today and enjoying the holiday.
I am at the office for at least a half day.
Since I’ll be off after Thursday, I really need to hump today to get a lot of work done.
So… there will be nothing clever from me today.
I know you’re disappointed.

I’ll leave you with some Christmas tunes…
Love my Irish boys!

What Christmas is complete without the Boss??

I love this, takes me back to my roots!!

I HOPE SANTA BRINGS YOU EVERYTHING THAT YOU ASKED FOR.... if you were good boys and girls :-)

1 comment:

Vigilarius said...

Merry Christmas Eve right back at you, TB! Since you shared a few holiday tunes, I think I'll return the favor with two of my favorites: