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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Raining on the Grinch

It is raining like a motherfucker out there this morning.  The rain was assaulting me horizontally as I walked in to the office.  I have a giant umbrella that I had to position in front of me, so that I couldn’t see where I was walking.  I silently hoped that any car that could be driving around the parking lot would quickly spot me and not run me over, I have a giant pink umbrella, I carry it just to keep from being slain by a little old lady in a medical building parking lot, and to try to keep dry.
I was soaked from the waist down, go me.
The view from the office.

Holidays at the office.

Fuck me.

Everyone is bringing gifts for everyone, food, cards, you name it.

Except, guess who??

Yea, you got it, me.  I’m the office Grinch, and I’m totally ok with it.  I do not like Christmas, I hate Christmas music especially.  That makes me the odd ball in the office, well it’s one of the reasons I’m the odd ball in the office.  I truly do not give a fuck about that.

What I do give a fuck about, is that they are playing Christmas music.  I know, I know, it’s less than a week before the HoHoHoliday, I know that I can’t go into a store or a restaurant without having my ears and brain assaulted by the merriment or depression of the music (Little Drummer Boy? Sheesh).  But at work, I should be allowed to work without being subjected to it.  But no, apparently the majority rules.

Once again, Universe, I thank you for ear buds. And today it’s comedy on Pandora.

I did get my tree up last night and wrapped a couple of gifts, as my first Christmas event is tonight, eating at Outback, then back to my place for gift exchange.  I had to add something to the living room so it is known that we are exchanging Christmas gifts and that it’s not someone’s birthday.

I only carried up the tree from the basement.  The ornaments are in giant boxes, and fuck it I wasn’t carrying that up.  so I decorated the tree with a couple of things that I could find, skeletons and a voodoo doll.

Happy fucking holidays.

I just need to survive until I board that plane on the 27th!!!
That's me, in the middle, waving.


Matt Taylor said...

I do have one favorite Christmas recording, "Santa Claus and His Old Lady"...that one always makes me smile.

Vigilarius said...

Your Christmas tree is delightfully creepy, TB. :)

TrippyBeth said...

Thanks Vigilarius :-)
I wouldn't have it any other way!
And I was too lazy to bring up actual Christmas ornaments, which i do own....