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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Horror, Heartbreak and the Holidays

I’ve been gone for a while, have you missed me????  I’ve missed you!

I really haven’t had much to say lately, I’m positively boring!  I’ve even had to take a little Facebook break.
All of the talk about the horror in Sandy Hook, god and gun control has been too much for me.  I generally do not participate in conversations about politics or religion.  I did have to chime in on a couple of conversations, but now I just can’t say much more.

I’m a pro-gun agnostic.  I support better mental health care, recognition and treatment. For every kid that does something this horrific, how many more are out there struggling with similar thoughts?

Is it our environment that’s ruining these children? Are we breeding them?  There are definitely some mental health issues in children now that we don’t understand, like Autism and, obviously, whatever the fuck is wrong with these kids.  And I don’t believe it’s from video games, TV or a lack of god in their classrooms.

There were a handful of school shootings in the 70s-90s.  I don’t remember any of them, but the media wasn’t as pervasive then I suppose.  And don’t mistake that statement for me blaming the media.  Media is strictly supply and demand, if we didn’t watch it, they wouldn’t broadcast it.
That being said, I am no fan of them shoving a camera in the faces of people who are experiencing the most unimaginable tragedy of their lives. 
I have to say that on Friday, President Obama was a real man.  He expressed what the entire nation was feeling, and wasn’t afraid to show his own humanity.  I admire him for that.  Who didn’t shed a tear?

I contracted a milder version of the plague, but went to the dr yesterday and got an antibiotic and some really nice cough medicine.  I have to be well before my vacation! I certainly can’t get on an airplane like this!

Monday night I felt inspired to write, after taking Nyquil.  I wrote 1941 words, I was on a roll!  When I finished, I sent it to my editor friend and CRASHED hard.
I’ve yet to read what I wrote.  I can hardly remember, so I’m a little nervous.  But R said that it “wasn’t bad”.  So, I’ll give it a look soon… maybe.

Anyway, I’m back at work today.

Last night, I was doing my 4a bathroom run, as I was exiting the bedroom; I cracked my right ankle on my dresser.  HARD.  I went to the bathroom and threw up… it hurt like a motherfucker.  I expected it to be all nasty and black and blue this morning, since it hurt so bad, but it looks pretty normal, it still hurts though.  So I’m limping a little bit today… it’s so HOTT.
The girls that limp are the ones easiest plucked from the herd, right??

I’ll give you a brief weekend summary, it wasn’t too exciting.

Friday after work, I treated myself to a mani-pedi.  It’s weird, I’m EXTREMELY ticklish (not an exaggeration at all) but I love a pedi. 

I felt all pretty after that, and then headed down to the Party Source, which is an adult’s candy store.  I met G there and we did some booze shopping.  I spent $124.  I have NEVER gotten out of that place for under $100.  The bar is getting to be nicely stocked.  I just realized that I don’t have any tequila! How does that even happen?? KR would be disappointed in me! I will pick some up soon!

After the spirits shopping, we headed over to Joe’s Crabshack for dinner.  I got one of the best pina coladas that I’ve ever had!  I wasn’t completely swayed by the fact that it was served in a pineapple, but it didn’t hurt!!

After dinner, I headed home and racked out early.

Saturday I piddled around the apartment, and then headed to Lexington to meet the whole fan damily.  We had dinner then went to the Horse Park to see the Southern Lights.  It was nice, I rode on the tool box in the back of my Dad’s truck (in a skirt) so I could take some photos.  It wasn’t freezing, but I was pretty damn chilled by the time we parked.  I still need to edit those photos, probably won’t happen until after Christmas.
Before the family trip!


On the way home, I stopped at Wal-Mart (I know, I know, I hate them, but they’re close) so I could pick up a few things and not have to leave my apartment on Sunday.  They have ridiculously expensive turkeys there!! Eeekkkkkk!!!

Postings will be sporadic over the next couple of weeks, with the holidays and my vacation.  But, if I can figure out how to post from the App, I'll try not to leave you high and dry! 

Love and Happy Holidays!

Oh, here's my favorite Christmas song, to get you in the holiday mood!

Who says Happy Holidays better than Weird Al?????


Vigilarius said...

Welcome back, TB! I certainly did miss your daily musings. :)

The look on your face in that "SnowBeth" photo reminds me of this:

TrippyBeth said...

LOL Vigilarius
The Shining is my FAVORITE movie of all time!
Maybe i have more in common with Jack than just being frustrated writers!!