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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Living in a Material World, and I am a Material Girl...

Great guy, just not boyfriend material.

Yes, those words have passed over my lips on several occasions in fact.

Have I been guilty of snap judgments?  I’m sure I have.

Have I totally nailed some guys?  Oh yea…

I’m sure that guys have left a first date with me thinking “She’s not girlfriend material” as well.
Sometimes, it’s true, I’m a hot mess.

On first dates, I have, fallen UP steps, spilled salad dressing on me, spilled a drink on my date, dumped my entire purse out, gotten lost, driven the wrong way on a one-way street, I could go on and on.  So anyone that wants to go on a second date is either:
1. Very brave
2. A glutton for punishment
3. Pretty damn cool.

How do you determine if someone is “boyfriend/girlfriend material”??

I’m not really sure; I don’t have a checklist that I attempt to check off during a date.  It’s more of a feeling I think.

I am forever waiting on a “click”.  It sounds silly, I know, it sounds like I am waiting for a fantasy to realize.

Maybe I am.  It can happen, right? 

I just saw that a legitimately crazy former classmate of mine got married.  And she’s forever gushing about how awesome he and their life is.
Is it all bullshit?  It totally could be. 
Is it real?  I suppose that it could be.
Her dude was obviously “boyfriend material”.
I need to make it clear, however, that I am not on the husband hunt… uuuummmm no way Jose…
I don’t really have a specific objective, I just want some comfort…I’m tired.
But at the same time, I’m not going to settle.

I guess some of the things that would encompass “boyfriend material” qualities for me would be **this list is not all inclusive**.
1.  Cute (which for me could be many different looks, I don’t have a “type”)
2.  Geeky
3.  Smart
4.  Funny
5.  A little awkward

And then there are the obvious things:
1.  Employed
2.  Not abnormally attached to his mother
3.  Not obsessed with the past
4.  No substance abuse issues
5.  Not mean
6.  Not an over-tickler

I don’t think that any of that is unreasonable.

Where is he?
Where is my boyfriend material?!?!?!

C says “I imagine boyfriend material is pliable but not easy to tear, weather proof but soft to the touch.”
Me : “And looks good on me”
C:  “Haha”
Me: “Well non-boyfriend material can look good on me,  but they’re like sequins, you can’t wear them every day.”

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