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Monday, December 10, 2012

Desultory deductions

A few random thoughts.

#1 I love this 

#2 The radio at my desk quit picking up any decent radio stations, my last one suddenly started doing the same thing.
AND, the girl that plays the terrible music through her PC isn’t here, so guess who is DJing through her iPhone?? THIS GIRL!
DIG IT people!

#3  There is one Jewish girl in our office. So a couple of the girls put a “Happy Hanukkah” sign on her desk.  Only they spelled Hanukkah wrong, putting a C in it.  I pointed it out, but no one changed it.

 #4 We ARE getting a bonus this year, and I think it’s better than last year, if I remember correctly. YAY!!

#5 I’m over half done with my Christmas shopping! That NEVER happens this early.  I still hate Christmas… but the shopping is a necessary evil… so I’m sucking it up.

#6 I still haven’t decided whether or not to put up a tree.  It seems like too much commitment and too little time. I have this giant, unmovable, entertainment center that leaves little room for frivolous things like a tree.

#7 Maybe I prefer this pic for my book jacket.

#8 A few random cemetery shots I wanted to share…

Is this angel ready to kick some ass or what??

#9 Sometimes I wish life was optional in black in white… I definitely look better in B&W.

#10 If OMG girl doesn't quit talking about her second job at the department store, I'm going to start going in there every night and mess up all of the racks of clothes.  I will, however, draw the line at peeing in the dressing rooms... can you believe that some people actually do that?  Cretens...

#11 And finally... this just played in my shuffle... OH WEE OH WEE OH
Don't you never say an unkind word about the Time!


Vigilarius said...

Two observations:

1. You have tattoos on your feet! That's so neat, in so many ways.

2. Those B/W photos are excellent, and certainly show off your cuteness. Would giving a wolf-whistle while shouting "hubba hubba" be considered inappropriate? ;)

TrippyBeth said...

:) the foot tattoo was excruciatingly painful, but totally worth it.
and whistle away!! i dig it and have seldom heard it!!!

thanks again :-)

Bob Locke said...

What time is it? Time to get wild and loose! Nobody does it like Morris.

TrippyBeth said...

Amen Bob Locke!!