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Monday, December 3, 2012

Shopping and Hangovers...

Monday all-fucking-ready…

I had a relatively good weekend, except for the truly brutal hangover I had yesterday.  It was, without a doubt, the WORST hangover of my entire life.
I won’t go into detail, because I like you, but I spent a significant amount of time on my bathroom floor.


Saturday morning I embarked on an epic shopping trip.  It was half off everything at the Goodwill, which would be hard for me to pass up.  I picked up some clothes there.  They had a really awesome duck phone there, if I still had a land line I would have totally bought that, it even quacked as a ring tone.

Then I hit Target.  Cruised the clearance racks and picked up a bottle of wine.  I love that the Targets in Ohio also sell some liquor.  The selection is slim, but would definitely do in a pinch.

My next stop was the St.Vincent DePaul, another local thrift store.  I snagged some more clothes, a couple of wine glasses and a Vera Bradley messenger bag that looks like it’s brand new!  I love a messenger bag, I can potentially carry everything I need, my Kindle, my netbook, a maraca, Sequoia Cy, a tambourine, my lunch, a book… you name it and I can carry it!  Of course it was the most I’ve paid for anything at a thrift store, $30 for a bag that retails for about $100; it was a win in my opinion.

Then I headed to Best Buy.  I had decided to get a new camera.  I want to take some photos like a big girl and wanted a new camera with some time to get used to it before I go on vacation.
I got a Nikon P510, it’s not a professional camera by any means, but it’s a fairly sophisticated amateur camera.
And yesterday I bought a Groupon for a 3 hour digital photography class, so maybe I’ll really learn how to use it!!
Taking a few classes is my goal for 2013; we will see how I do with that.  I can’t even seem to meet my writing goals.

Saturday night, I went out for drinks with C.  He had said that we’d go anyplace I wanted.  Which, of course, was the OKBB!
Before I went out, I like this photo for the book jacket of my novel, whenever I finish it.

I made a few epic mistakes Saturday night.  Well really just one EPIC mistakes, everything else was a result of that mistake. 
I didn’t eat anything before going out, mistake #1.
I started out the evening with a Jay Littman.

Following the Jay Littman, I had a Dragon’s Milk mistake #2, the epic mistake. 
The wicked Dragon's Milk... but sooooo delicious!!

MIXING.  I know better, I really do.  Drink one thing, stick with it and you’ll have a good evening.  I made a stupid rookie mistake and I paid for it… damn, did I ever pay for it.
But before it went bad, we headed out to the patio at the OKBB, where they had a fire going and a few tables set up.
I love a fire!!

I enjoyed the crowd out there.  There were some guys that were talking about their pick up lines.
One guy’s line “Hey, I’ve got a lighter!”  as he madly waves a lighter in the air.
Another, “Girl, you just give me hope.”  Which was my favorite line.

One guy was talking about a particularly bad recent break up, his ex took his cat.  Which devastated him.
One night he had over imbibed, was drunkenly sprawled on his floor and noticed scratches on his ottoman made by said cat.  As his friend watched, he crawled over to the ottoman and kissed the cat scratches.  So sad…and hilarious at the same time.

Another guy was talking about his ex after we discussed foreign bodies in the rectum.
He said that he and the ex were showering together, and she was brushing her teeth in the shower (which I didn’t know girls did, I thought that was strictly a dude activity) and after she finished, she (without warning) inserted the toothbrush into his rectum.


That is an activity that EVERYONE should be on board with, not a surprise activity for fuck’s sake.
My first question was “What did she do with the toothbrush after that?”  another guy was like “That’s a good question”.
The guy that had been violated said that he didn’t know and that the relationship didn’t last long after that. Shocker.
But, still not as shocking as a toothbrush in the ass…

I followed the Dragon’s Milk with a glass of Woodford Reserve and another Dragon’s Milk.  Sigh, critical error.

Then a guy bought me a warm apple cider.  The night went straight to shit at that point.  I hardly remember anything.

I know this, no more cider for this girl.

I spent my Sunday in the bathroom and in bed.  I was finally able to eat at around 7p.  my chest hurts from so much gastrointestinal evacuation.
As I lie on the sofa looking at my moderately stocked bar, I thought “never again”.  I don’t mean I’ll never drink again, that’s crazy talk, but I’ll try really hard to make better decisions!

Today is super busy at the office and I don’t expect any excitement this evening… tomorrow’s post will probably suck if it even comes to fruition.


Vigilarius said...

That b/w photo is quite nice. :)

TrippyBeth said...

Thanks Vigilarius!!
i actually like the photo and it's very unusual for me to like a photo of myself.