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Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday, Funday!! Ummm, yea, no....

Don't you know there ain't no Devil, it's just God when he's drunk.

Monday again??


This morning I caught myself as I was pumping hand soap on my toothbrush.

And no, I’m not even hung over.

Brain tumor? Stroke? Sleep walking?

I’m grateful that I noticed it before I actually put it in my mouth.  It’s not that I don’t deserve having my mouth washed out with soap; I’m just in no mood for it.

How was your weekend?

Mine wasn’t bad.
My Monday morning Breakfast of Champions!

Friday night I just piddled around the apartment, I was really tired for some reason.
I had been trying for days to think of a clever way to store/display my hats.
But, I did get a photo of what the cat did to one of my shades!  What the fuck, Lucy?

I finally bought some pink/white nylon cord, tacked it in the door frame above the closet in the dining room, let it drape down the side of the door and I hung hats on it via clothes pins.  I’m diggin it.
Surprise, surprise I forgot to take a photo of it!
But, trust me, it’s cute.

Saturday, I headed out to get some photos, before the weather turned ridiculously cold, like it was this morning.

Have I related to you my pure, unadulterated hatred for winter?


I fucking hate winter… (That being said, I do enjoy a good snowball fight from time to time).


I have this brilliant idea for a photo series; my goal for Saturday was to work on that.

As brilliant as the idea was, I couldn’t find the subjects that I was looking for.  I found a couple, so it will be an ongoing process.

I drove all over Covington/Bromley/Latonia; I was in places I never knew existed.
As a transplant, it’s all pretty new to me.  I really like Covington; I’m glad that I live here now.  It fits me, or I fit it.

So in my explorations, I wound up at the banks of the Licking (yea I said licking, laugh away) and the Ohio Rivers, visited a couple of churches, down in Mainstrasse, in Devou Park, at St. Elizabeth North and just meandering along some sidewalks.

I’m fairly satisfied with the photos, still need to play around with them.  The wind was vicious and kicked my ass!
Prisoner's Lake at Devou Park, formerly a quarry, actually dug by prisoners of Covington.

Goebel Park clocktower, Mainstrasse, Covington, KY.

On the bank of the Mighty Ohio river.
The Licking River.
I discovered this lovely little church for sale in Latonia.
I'd love to repurpose a church to live in someday!!

I’m planning to start a photo blog, so as not to bore my readership here, still trying to come up with a clever title for it…

Saturday night, I went to dinner with a friend at Abuelo’s mmmmmmm fajita’s and margaritas!!!
TrippyBeth, gussied up.

I planned on heading home after dinner, but got a text from JG inviting me up to a bar his girlfriend works at to check out an acoustic duo.

I was already out and gussied up, so I plugged the address into the navigation system (iPhone) and steered the Silver Armadillo toward Blue Ash.

The duo was called The Test Icicles (I hope I have that right) and yes I know, I know…

They were pretty good; the bar was pretty small and PACKED!  But it was good catching up with JG and finally meeting his girlfriend, who is an absolute doll!  Way to go JG!!!

I got home around 230a and slept in on Sunday.

Spent the rest of Sunday like a slug, only leaving the apartment to travel to the basement to do a couple loads of laundry.
I hadn’t done any laundry since I returned from vacation.  So, it was either do the wash or buy new underwear (which I’ve done before, hey there’s no shame in my game!).

That’s truly the only productive thing that I did!  Now, I’m back slaving away for the man, and not in a good way!!

Hopefully you’re all off for MLK Day!!
I've GOT TO see theses guys SOON!!


Vigilarius said...

Great photos as usual, TB.

Here's a video that might make your Monday a bit brighter. For some reason, it reminds me of you. ;)

(A little NSFW, though.)

TrippyBeth said...

Are you saying I have a jiggly butt??? LMAO that's great!!

Vigilarius said...

I'm glad you liked the video, and I'm almost certain you don't have a jiggly butt. Probably. ;)

TrippyBeth said...

I am not bootylicious Vigilarius!!!

Matt Taylor said...

You were in Blue Ash, that's just up the street from me. I was probably long asleep by that hour though.