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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Featuring TrippyBeth!!! LOOK AT ME!!!

I really have nothing of any interest to talk about today.

I've actually been working fairly hard today.

Oh, and I created a Flickr page:

I think most of the photos I've already shared on here, but now I'm sharing with an entirely different population!

Maybe that one dude I went out with, who said I "liked attention" was right...


SO.... HA!!!

I hope to add more photos later tonight, since I have nothing else to do...

Have a happy Thursday night my friends!!!


Vigilarius said...

Cool, a TB Flickr page! Great idea. :)

TrippyBeth said...

Hopefully I'll get more photos over the weekend to add!
It's becoming a pain to add photos to the Blog, Blogger has fucked something up... UG!

Anonymous said...

In all honesty you're not cute enough to have an ego about liking attention.

All of your pictures looks like they were taken by a teenager on myspace from the 2003-2006 era. Strange upward angles, always a color filter, always weird poses.

It's quite obvious you LIKE attention. You have the pictures to prove it. Any smart person would know though that these pictures with the odd angles and color filters are taken to hide something. What are you hiding? Who knows.

Complain about being single more, then post things about men making fun of them on your blog. Dates that weren't perfect and weren't straight out of a Disney movie. Keep posting about men wanting to fuck you and making fun of them for it, then complain 5 days later about being single.

Bleh. I'm sorry that I'm trolling your profile like this - but we've talked in the past. I'm speaking out because I met women like you every single day. It's extremely annoying and borderline frustrating.

This generation, and... apparently yours as well, is lame, materialistic, petty, brain washed, and out of touch.

TrippyBeth said...

Anonymous, we've spoken before?
I suppose it's obvious why we no longer speak.
Thank you for reading and for your critique, I am obviously not the woman for you due to the fact that I'm pathetic and not cute.
The beauty in that and in this blog, is that we can make our own choices and have our own opinions.
I am not for everyone, not everyone appreciates my sense of humor and OBVIOUSLY not everyone thinks I'm attractive, it is what it is.
Were you hoping to hurt my feelings?

ScottJo said...

Hey Anon, or should I say Anal?

She is a young photographer and still learning. I've done it for years and her work is very good and very promising.

As for her personal pics, she is trying to look attractive. What woman doesn't want that? She has sent me pic of herself and she doesn't do that with e. Because we are friends.

What person doesn't like attention? Obviously you do but you don;t have the balls to post your real name! Mine is Scott John Johnston. What the fuck is yours?

You just sound like a whiny little bitch because you can't any woman. At least HUMAN. Hey, I have an idea, go out to the country, I'm sure there's some sheep that wouldn't mind..or maybe they would? Yeah probably.

Then you apologize? What a fucking ass!!! You can't even stand by your own fucking words? Pussies like you make me sick!

Bück dich, you little bastard!