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Monday, February 4, 2013

Climbing on the Casting Couch

Here I am!

Thanks to those who missed me… it is good to be missed.

My weekend was uneventful; I have no tales of debauchery to entertain you with.

I stayed in bed all weekend, except for the couple of hours I ventured out to Spring Grove on Sunday.  You can see my Spring Grove photos here:
I mostly laid there and coughed and wished that I went to the grocery store on a regular basis.

I obviously didn’t starve to death, although at one point on Saturday night, I wasn’t so sure I was going to make it.
But, I survived on sweet tea and raw potatoes.  RP thinks it’s bizarre that I snack on raw potatoes, I guess it’s just something that they don’t do in the UK, but I think they’re yummy!

I did, however, get an interesting email on the dating site Saturday night.

I’m not really sure how to take it.
Should I be flattered that he thinks I’d be good in a porno??
I mean, who couldn’t use some extra cash??
I’m sure I’m the only girl he sent the email to… uh huh, right…

JG said that it sounded like “typical casting couch scenario”.

What girl wouldn’t be on board to “audition” on film, no less??  I’m totally sure this guy isn’t completely full of bullshit.

BD suggested that I agree, but say that I’m bringing my own costar.  Oddly, I feel like this guy would probably be ok with that too…

Anyway, I did not schedule an audition… call me old fashioned…

I did see my Rheumy today, and he thinks the pleurisy is being caused by my dermatomyositis.  So, we are increasing the methotrexate… OH JOY!  Maybe this increase will get me under control finally!
Unfortunately, with autoimmune diseases, treatment is a crapshoot.  And when it’s something as rare as dermatomyositis, well… treatment is even more of a stab in the dark.
I am soooooo much better than I was a year ago, so I’m optimistic that I can get even better than I am now.

Did you hear that? TrippyBeth is O P T I M I S T I C!!

Write that down…


Vigilarius said...

Nice to know you're okay, TB. I was a little worried, to be honest.

I wonder if anyone ever falls for that creepy guy's shtick ... "Oh, we'll make a video and submit it to different directors." More like he'll submit it to his TV and spend several days smacking the pants monkey until he decides to upload the video to Youporn or Redtube. Of course, that'll be after he locks you into his secret torture dungeon ... :(

TrippyBeth said...

"pants monkey"
i love it!
i have made some spectacularly bad decisions, make no mistake about it, but have thankfully avoided being locked in a cellar...
i am a fan of good lotion though...

and you remain my favorite reader Vigilarius!!! no one else checks on me :-)

Vigilarius said...

I was going to go with "trouser schnauzer" but thought it might be a little too much. ;)

(I'm glad I'm your favorite reader, since you absolutely rock!)

TrippyBeth said...

I would have went for that moniker as well...
and you are definitely in a minority with that opinion of me!!
but, you have succeeded in making me blush... again...