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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TrippyBeth of Arc

“When you believe in things that you don’t understand”

I’m back!

I have been majorly beshittified!
Bronchitis can bite the big one!

Today was the first day I’ve left my apartment since THURSDAY!  I know, I’m a slug.

But I was not fit company for anyone.

I am still struggling to get my shit together.

In two days it’s Valentine’s Day!

The most favorite holiday of single girls the world over.

I have gotten Valentine gifts in the past.
I once had a guy drive over an hour to hand deliver a dozen roses, which was ridiculously sweet.
I once got cupcakes from someone who said “It’s really hard to by a Valentine gift for someone who doesn’t like chocolate.”   He ate half of the cupcakes and I took the rest to the office.  But it was the thought that counted.

I take Valentine’s Day somewhat seriously, I mean, it’s not like Sweetest Day, which everyone knows is a bullshit holiday.
Of course, I suppose I take it more seriously when I’m actually involved with someone.

The manner, in which I’ll take it seriously this year, is that I won’t get drunk or make bad decisions based on the aforementioned drunkenness.  

It seems that, historically, Valentine’s (the name) were Christian martyrs.  Hhhmmmm... Now, it’s evolved to become a holiday where people feel forced to demonstrate gestures of LOVE.  And, they really only count if they’re done in a way that others can witness.  That’s a far cry from Love Martyrdom.  I suppose that if the holiday had evolved in that direction, it wouldn’t be too popular.

Who would want to be the Joan of Arc of love?

We’ve all done some crazy things in relationships, I won’t regale you with a summary of them, just suffice it to say, I’m not always as smart as I look.
However, I haven’t done anything that was being Burnt-at-the-stake worthy.  At least I don’t think so.

On second thought, don’t ask any of my exes.

Maybe I’ll just be grouchy on Thursday “I hate Valentine’s Day, it’s so stupid, you people are really celebrating martyrdom and persecution!”

Yeah, only people who have no one to celebrate with hate Valentine ’s Day with such passion.  Well, and those that are in a relationship with someone that they despise.  Either way, it’s borderline pathetic.

I think I’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day by loving myself.

And I don’t exactly mean in a Billy Idol “Dancing with Myself” kind of way.

I have 2 days to over-think it…

I’ll keep you posted.
I, obviously, didn't create this, it's from a male perspective.  But I can relate to a lot of it.

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