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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Na na na na na, I'm Not Listening....

I have the face that people want to tell their life stories to.

Seriously, I had a Wal-Mart employee once tell me all about her daughter and her drug problem, the kids they were trying to get custody of and how tired she was… I was just trying to read ice cream labels.
How do you respond to that anyway?

I just awkwardly nod my head, say “I’m sorry” and try to inch my way down the aisle, fuck ice cream, I need to GO!

But, I did listen… she needed it.  I hope she felt better.

So today, I get a text from my ex.  “Call me when you get the chance”.

Fucking hell.

So I text back “Is something wrong?”

The return text includes these statements:
I’m sick.
I consider you a great friend.
How do I get someone to love me?
She hates my family.

How do I get in the position to give advice, LOVE advice, to someone that I went through literal hell with?  And, in what alternate, fucked up reality, is this somehow expected or normal?

I’ll say this, I don’t hate him… I don’t hate, it’s not what I do… I let all of that go when I let him go. 

And let’s be real here, what in the actual fuck do I know about getting someone to love anyone?  It’s not like I have my life so together that I can actually school someone in the art of getting theirs together. Sheesh.

I actually got up in a good mood today, after being awake most of the night… now this.

I am trying to be the bigger person; I am an ordained minister after all.

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