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Monday, February 25, 2013

It Was a Good Weekend...


I hope that this Monday finds everyone well.  I am better, or getting better anyway! YAY! FINALLY!

I had a decent weekend.

Friday night, my neighbor AH and I headed down to the 50/50 art show at the Covington Artist’s Enterprise Center.
It was a really cool show, but I didn’t see anything that I needed to take home.  I’m looking forward to the next show, the concept was really brilliant.
50 artists, their works were all $50 apiece.

After we walked through the show, we headed to Keystone, I was wanting some mac-n-cheese!
I, again, got the Black Sabbath, which is mac-n-cheese with steak and mushrooms, it is delish.
I also had a Rivertown porter that I cannot recall the name of, it wasn’t the Rivertown Roebling, I’ve had that a few times before, it’s super yummy, but heavier than the one I had Friday night.

Anyway, I headed home early to get some sleep, as I intended to get up early to try to catch the sunrise and capture some photos.

The alarm went off at 615, I said “Fuck it”.
Then I had to pee.
So I got up to pee, stumbled around and decided that I need to not be a total slug and actually accomplish something on this lovely day.

So I threw on some clothes, a knit cap, a coat, grabbed the camera bag and headed out.

It was a chilly 31 degrees as I arrived at the riverside.

I snapped a few pre-rise photos of the Roebling.  Then ventured on down the bank and got more photos as I waited.

And waited.

The sun finally came up, but behind heavy clouds, total bummer.
Pre-rise Roebling.

While I was snapping photos, there was a man also taking photos, but he was up on the paved area, I had walked down the gravel beach area.
I kept one eye on him.
I didn’t feel like getting murdered.

I formulated contingency plans in my mind.

First, if he did happen to be a serial killer, I’d scream… like a fucking banshee.  And then, I’d run.

Now, we all know that I’m not TrippyBeth for no good reason.  So, I’d probably fall.

And we all know that’s when the serial killer gets you.  So then I’d have to land a forceful kick to his balls.
If that didn’t work and he rolled me over onto my back, I’d poke him right in the eye, like they tell you to do sharks.  I mean it should work with any predator, right?

The whole time I’d continue with my banshee wailing.

I’m hoping he’d think that I was more trouble than I’m worth.

If that didn’t work, I’d put 2 fingers right up his nose and start pulling… NO ONE could take that.

All the photo taking and the battle with the imaginary serial killer, wore me out! I headed home and took a nap!

After my nap, I got my shit together and headed down to Asylum Tattoo for some new ink!
I’ve been itching for a new tattoo for a minute now, but the craving got pretty strong the last few days.
I couldn’t get appointments with Kevin or Dustin.  But I follow another artist, Joe Nickley (, and I’ve really admired his work.
So I messaged him and asked if he could do me on Saturday.
I got a Saturday afternoon appointment, it was perfect timing!

Joe gave me a fantastic brightly colored hummingbird!  It looks awesome right below my peach blossoms!
We were both super stoked with the outcome!
The stencil.

The black outline.

Joe hard at work.

Under the needle!

The finished work!

I chose a hummingbird because they are love charms, in some cultures; they actually wear dead hummingbirds in bags around their necks!
I would never go that far… but hopefully this guy will bring me some luck in the love department!

Saturday night, I laid low, played with photos and was hungry.

Sunday morning I finally got out of bed, got it together and took a little road trip along the Ohio River to get some photos.

I stopped under a bridge, at St.Anne’s Convent and at a little country church and cemetery.  I got some pretty good shots, which I’m pretty happy with!
St. Anne's... see more photos here.

Then I got some groceries, not a moment too soon!

Got home, edited photos, and worked on a couple of art projects.

It was a good weekend.

Let’s hope that the week ahead is good as well!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I get your screen name now. "Trippy-Beth" because you trip and fall a lot. Pretty clever. I like that!