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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Touch Me NOT

I have to take this opportunity to tell you all what a fantastic birthday week I’m having!!

Saturday and Monday were dinners with my family, and then Tuesday BT took me out to dinner.  J

Yes, I’m totally dorking out… but it feels good and I don’t apologize!

Tonight my girls and I are going out for sushi and sake! YAY!  I have the best girlfriends in the entire world… I’m sorry for you if you are not in our circle of trust, but I’m sure your friends are just fine.

Tomorrow night, I am laying low, in anticipation for Birthday Shenanigans on Saturday night!

Yes, I LOVE birthdays!! That being said, I’ve had some really shitty ones in the past.  I’ve had really shitty holidays of every kind, honestly.

In the past 4 years, I’ve had some lonely holidays, some drunken holidays and some nice ones… I may not like Christmas, still, but it doesn’t inspire the feelings of dread that it used to.

Saturday night will be a blending of my worlds… BT will be meeting some family and some of my friends.  They are all awesome, and he is awesome, so it should be just fine… I’m, surprisingly, not nervous about it.  I hope he isn’t.
Tuesday night, after our delicious dinner at Don Pablo’s, we stopped by the Village Pub for a couple of beers.  We chose the Horny Goat brews, which were quite tasty!
There was a guy sitting one barstool away from me, who I hadn’t noticed, until he felt the impulse to touch my arm whilst commenting about my dragonfly tattoo.  Then, he proceeded to lift the back of his own shirt to show me his tattoo on his shoulder and give me a brief lesson in his family history.
I’ve lamented here before, the fact that people think that it’s perfectly acceptable to touch me.  Most of those complaints were about people that I actually KNOW touching me.  I have a big problem with that, but being touched by a stranger does not play into my wheelhouse, AT ALL!

I mean what the fuck? 

Having a visible tattoo is not an invitation to fondle me.  I continue to be stunned by the people who think that it is acceptable.  Were they raised by wolves? 

Anyway, BT said “I think he likes some Trippybeth.”

I’m not sure that was the case at all… I just think the guy had a few drinks and, perhaps, left his manners in the potty.  So, I blew it off… I had much better things to focus on…

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