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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Keys To My Success

Yesterday, at work, I ask “Has anyone read anything good lately? I need a new book.”

The first response I get is “When do I ever have time to read?”  Shouted over the cubes by OMG girl.


This was not the question that I was asking.  I simply wanted a suggestion for a good book.

Why do some people take any opportunity to regale us with the misery that is their lives?

Am I annoyed because I simply do not give a fuck?

That’s not entirely true.  I do not take pleasure in seeing people in misery.  Well, there are a few people that I would like to see with burning assholes for the rest of eternity, but for the most part I’m pretty peace-loving.

I actually try to down play any misery that I might be suffering from to the general public.  I’m beginning to believe that I am the minority here.  From work to Facebook, everywhere I look or listen, someone is COMPLAINING and usually quite loudly.

Now, if you’ve read here for any length of time, I’m sure that you’re thinking “TrippyBeth complains a lot herself.”  And you wouldn’t be wrong.

However, I’m really trying to change my life.  Negativity breeds more negativity, it’s a vicious circle that I’m trying to stop. 

I want to be happy.  So I ‘m thinking happy thoughts, being grateful, visualizing the things that I want and I’m open to receiving them.

This was a little difficult yesterday after locking myself out of my apartment.  But, I had a cell phone to call for help, I had a friend to come pick me up, I had another friend take me home and lots of good-natured teasing… it most definitely could have been worse!  And it was something to laugh about all day.

Who doesn’t need more laughs?

I was able to get back in my apartment last night and in three hours the weekend begins… what’s not to like about that?


Angry POF Guy said...

People just love to complain, myself included. It is just human nature.

As far as recommending good books, what is considered a "good" book is relative to an individual's interests. To be, a good book is usually educational and pertaining to my field of study.

TrippyBeth said...

Listening to the incessant complaining really wears me down sometimes.... Complaining here is different though, no one is "forced" to listen/read....
I like book suggestions, sometimes I'll find myself reasons something I wouldn't normally choose... Broaden my horizons.
I just read "Collecting Houses" great book!

Angry POF Guy said...

Well, I am reading a book called "Lies My Teacher Told Me." It is a very good read even if you don't like history.