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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Happy Birthday!!!

Well I have to report that I had another fantastic birthday week... 
The week culminated in a small gathering Saturday night on Mainstrasse.  The weather was perfect for sitting outside and imbibing... and of course people watching... and laughing, there was lots of laughing!
I have to admit to one fairly critical mistake that I made Saturday night... I didn't stick to just one alcohol.
When will I learn??  Once I start drinking, EVERYTHING sounds like a great idea.
We started the evening with a little absinthe... which totally had me buzzing before it even hit my stomach.
Then there was bourbon and coke at the bar, some Horny Goat, then some Pink Ladies... the Pink Ladies did it... pushed me totally over the edge...
Even with the brutal hangover that I had Sunday, my birthday was AWESOME!
I really liked having BT out with me (flutters eyelashes).
Anyway... for your viewing (dis)pleasure... teenage TrippyBeth.... It's hard to tell, but that is an elephant on my velour sweater... UG

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