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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Well it appears that I have a hater... The second one actually.
This particular hater has gone to the trouble of tracking me down across the interwebs to try and hurt my feelings.
But, he cannot spell and has poor grammar. So, I think I should feel sorry for him, he's obviously crying out for attention.
He (I assume) has said some ugly things, which you can see in the comments of my precious post; his words are so vehement that I wonder if we know each other personally.
He posts anonymously, so I have no idea who he is, but he sure has his panties in a was.
They say bad publicity is better than no publicity...


Angry POF Guy said...

"Haters are gonna hate," as they say. Meh. It is probably just some bored person who landed on a random page of yours and dropped a deuce, and sat waiting for a response. You fed the troll so the troll won that day. The best defense against trolls is ignore them, because often times, attention is what they want in the first place. It may not even be personal, you know, since trolls just love to stir up trouble. I'm amazed I haven't been flooded with "haters" considering the things I write on my blog.

TrippyBeth said...

As I was replying, I knew that I shouldn't be replyig...
The first was at 3am.
I wanted to say "I'm a nice girl" "people like me!" then I wanted to say "fuck off"
but i didnt do any of those things...
the thing that creeps me out is where the IP address is located.

Angry POF Guy said...

Well unless the person is threatening you I wouldn't worry about it. Once I got hatemail from a local IP address, turned out to be one of my friends. Another time it was a neighbor who didn't like my political beliefs and found one of my real life gigs and said all kinds of nasty things about me. It was hilarious. I thought hew was too old to understand PCs LOL.