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Friday, March 1, 2013

Pondering the Prospective...

Hello friends!

Maintaining two blogs is a little more time consuming than I expected.  Well, now that I am healthier and actually able to do something other than lie around on my dead ass.

I will have, hopefully, two photo jaunts this weekend… it is sometimes inconvenient to be obsessive… but hopefully, this is a good obsession that will pay off, at least with some self-satisfaction.

So dinner tonight, photos with JG tomorrow, hopefully, dinner tomorrow night and photos with CC on Sunday!  I hope to get to a couple of cemeteries that I haven’t been to this weekend, and CC is supposed to map out a plan for Sunday.

I’m ridiculously psyched.
The photo blog is here.

I haven’t had a lot of action on the dating site this week, but I haven’t been on there roaming around.  If you don’t log on you get pushed to the back of the bus… less attention.  And I’m totally ok with that.  Sometimes it just gets old.

I did get this sexy little message this week…

He did follow up by saying that he was just kidding.  I guess he could have been, and if he was, come on… that’s your best opening line?  I’d rather get one of the “HI” messages.

I think I’m just jaded to it all.  Vulgar, suggestive emails, random photos of dude’s junk… none of that even fazes me anymore.

I almost long for the days of my innocence… three and a half years ago.  But, then what would I write about???

I suppose that when/if I ever meet THE ONE, I’ll abandon this blog and go strictly with the photo blog.  Especially since I’m having trouble managing 2 obsessions now, throw a man into the mix and I’ll be totally fucked.


Matt Taylor said...

George Carlin said it best, when you are born into todays world, you get a ticket to a freak show. When you are born in America, you get a front row seat. Keep on posting on this blog, the world needs people like you who expose the performers in this freak show up for all to see. You do a great job of that!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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