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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sugar Skull Barbie

Tokidoki Barbie..... ($274.99 on Amazon)
I feel ashamed............... I want one.
She is everything that I'm not....... our only similarities would be our tattoos........ i still need to have her.  I had a fantastic barbie doll collection as a young girl, along with a kick ass Matchbox car collection.... I was a bit of a dichotomy I suppose.  I could have never imagined a tattooed Barbie! Of course, my mother probably wouldn't have allowed me to have it anyway.
If I had been put in charge of designing Tokidoki Barbie, I first would have given her a different name, Tokidoki is the brand and I'm sure they probably wouldn't want to associate themselves with a TrippyBeth design anyway.
But I digress......
My Barbie would be called Sugar Skull Barbie I think.   She would have beautiful red hair, a pierced nose, some sick tattoos on her arms (one full sleeve for sure),  on at least one foot, her back and shoulders.  She would wear some cute denims, a tank top, a suit vest and a simple pair of flats.  She would sport a black headband and a pair of retro looking eyeglasses.  Sugar Skull Barbie, doesn't drag pets around with her for show, nor does she carry a ridiculously large bag.  She's just a normal, quirky kind of girl, with lots of normal and quirky friends, some tattooed, some not.  She is neither an heiress or a socialite and doesn't pretend to be, she is happy just being herself.......
like all little girls should be.......

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